Mid Valley sophomore Maranda Runco threw a three-hitter and struck out 11 in an 11-1 win over Scranton Prep. She also went 4 for 5 at the plate with a homer and drove in four. Here’s more from her Athlete of the Week interview:

Age: 15

Family: Mom, Marjorie; father, Mark; sisters, McKenzie and Mariah

Athlete you admire: Cat Osterman (three-time national softball player of the year).

Favorite sports team: Florida Gators

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions? Before each game I play catch with my best friend Katrina Davis. I make sure my cleats are always laced up tight. When I pitch, my shoes are always coming off.

Other than sports, what is one thing you would like to do in your lifetime? I would really love to travel the world, go to places like Spain and Italy, try different things.

Three people you would like to have dinner with. My cousin Corey Buckley who recently passed away, my grandma Rose and Kat Osterman

Favorite food your mom or dad makes? My dad makes really good pasta. He makes a homemade sauce every time. He learned to make it from my grandma, and she makes very good food. He also makes really good gnocchi, too.

Who’s your funniest teammate? Either Kaylee Terranella or Courtney Rebar. We’re always dancing, singing, making jokes.

What’s been the hardest thing to overcome this past year? Probably practicing with the masks on and it being hard to breathe. That and staying home and not playing as much.

What’s been the biggest area of improvement for you this past year? Running. I was very slow, but I’m starting to get there. I’m getting faster.

Do you remember the first game you pitched? I was 4 years old I started to pitch. I’ve always pitched.

Who’s been the most influential person on your softball career? Coach (Michael) Piercy and my dad.

What is the fastest pitch you’ve thrown? I’ve thrown a couple at 66 mph, but I throw between 64 and 65.

Expectations have been set pretty high by your coach for this season. I think we can do it. I really want to get that (state championship) ring. We have to work hard and all come together. I’ve been getting really excited because we’ve been looking good at practice and in our one game.

Today is the league opener. What’s your level of anticipation? To do my best, play hard, have fun and we’re looking for a win.