Enthusiasts raise awareness of amateur radio

BY JOHN E. USALIS “Amateur radio” or “ham radio” began more than a century ago, but even after all that time with technological advancements, hobbyists still play a significant role in keeping communications available during major emergencies. From 2 p.m. Saturday to...

Meet Sean Wolfe

As a college student, Sean Wolfe discovered there was more to beer than using it as a means to get drunk. Instead, he developed an appreciation for its flavors and became a home brewer. He founded and is president of the Scranton Brewer's Guild and is the beer events...

Big weekend alters PSU’s 2020 class

Lackawanna College football coach Mark Duda's program has been a source of talent for Penn State in recent years. TIMES SHAMROCK PHOTO It started, as so many recruiting stories for Penn State have in recent weeks, with a decommitment. It ended, as so many recruiting...

A diary of a Cheeky Chick: Starting over

Dear Diary, Well shit... a year later and it’s over. He left me ... ME!!?? I cannot even begin to contemplate how this could happen. I mean, did I gain a little bit of weight? Yeah, maybe a little. C’mon, 20 pounds is not THAT bad. Did I know that we weren’t right for...

Grieving cats need support, understanding

Cats are solitary creatures by nature. But that doesn’t mean they do not love and bond with their human, feline, and canine companions. Whether it’s sadness over the loss of a feline or human friend (or a former home), cats can and do grieve. Here’s how to help a...

Head for the hills

While I don’t like to complain about the heat in the summer (I’ll take it over freezing February any day), sometimes it’s nice to escape the swelter of the city and head for the hills. A shady hike beside a cool mountain stream beats a steamy stroll down the city...

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