Linebacker/fullback TJ Noto scored four touchdowns, three rushing and one with a game-sealing interception, as Valley View defeated Scranton Prep, 34-21, onSaturday

Age: 18

Family: Father, Tom; mother, Gina; sisters, Kaylie and Cara; brother, Michael

Favorite sports teams: Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia 76ers and Penn State. Other than that I’m just a fan of sports.

Athlete you admire: Derrick Henry. He’s a bigger back and he runs physical. I try to emulate his style.

In most offenses today, the fullback doesn’t get a lot of the attention. So what you did Saturday was pretty impressive. During the offseason, I really focused on getting my body physically ready and the ability to play running back, fullback, wide receiver, you know, pretty much anywhere on the field. And, you know, we waited three weeks to put me at running back, probably because it was Prep. I finally got back there and showed what I can do.

This was the first time you got a healthy share of the carries. Other games, I got a carry here, carry there. But before the game our offensive coordinator (Scot Wasilchak) told me I was probably going to carry upwards of 20 times.

How surprising was that? It was very surprising, you know, half the reason being we want to show Prep something different than they had on film, obviously.

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions? I really do not, you know. Before the game, we get everyone down in the end zone and say a little prayer. Other than that, I’m just calm, cool and collected and loose in the locker room beforehand.

Biggest influence on your football career. My dad. He works very hard so I try to idolize him in like the athletic side. He really likes coming to watch the games and I really like performing for him.

That pick-six in the fourth quarter was also your first career interception. How much more special does that make it? It’s something a little more, especially my senior season and my first season really playing fully defense. Last year, I played half defense. This year coach trusted me to call the defense in the middle. It definitely made it a little more special.

It’s been a different year to say the least. What’s the biggest battle you’ve fought because of the COVID-19 pandemic? I would say just throughout this past couple of months, our school board has been, you’re playing, you’re not playing, you’re gonna play them. I think doubt was the biggest battle. And when that starts to arise, kids ask themselves, do they want to play anymore? During this quarantine. I worked very hard and there were certain times that I had to ask myself, are we even going to get to play. Is the hard work going to be worth it, and I can tell you right now, the hard work was very, very worth it.

Who’s your funniest teammate? I would say Anthony Nemo, our wide receiver. He is just a generally funny guy.

Other than sports, is there something you would like to accomplish in your life someday? I think I’d like to own my own business, something with the sports field involved in it, either like being a manager for a professional sports team or having a sports business.

One dish in your house that is served that you can’t live without: Dad’s chicken parm.

Three people you would like to have dinner with. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Michael Jordan and Donald Trump.

Is college in your future and do you plan to play football? College is definitely in my future. Football is up in the air for right now. I’m going to do what I think is best for me, whether that means playing football or just going to college to learn.