Kennedy, aka the Cheeky Chick

Hi my name is, (what?) my name is, (who?) my name is … chicka chicka crazy Kennedy! Just an FYI if you sang that … OMG DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?

Soooo here is where I write about myself and tell you what you are getting every time you hang out with the new Cheeky Chick in town. I always hate writing bios and going on first dates because it’s where you sit there and talk about all the things that make you awesome so that the person on the other end will magically go, “WOW. You are sooo cool,” but it always comes off as bragging to me. You know? I gotta tell you that is just NOT what I am all about. I mean, was it cool that I randomly met the Pittsburgh Steelers in a bar and they asked me to join them the next day on a trip to Hawaii on a private jet. I mean, ya, but I am just NOT the kind of chick to brag… Do I tell stories about that one time when I was in Australia at a filming of a late-night TV show, partied with the cast of “Avatar” and when they didn’t want to have to take a long limo ride into the city, they hired a boat to take us straight into the Sydney Harbor? Of course, but you know I just HATE IT when someone OVERLY brags. Were there times I made such an impact with my “drunk wisdom” during my trips to Nashville that I inspired famous singers so much that it resulted in songs written about me that you might have heard on the radio? Yes, but come on, bragging is just SO UNBECOMING that, like, I would NEVER boast about it…

You get where I’m going, right??? I’m trying to tell you that I’m kinda cool, but I’m TOTALLY not bragging! (wink)

Seriously, though, I am just a goofy hot mess of a girl who moved to NEPA from Hawaii for my amazing family three years ago, attempting to live my best life and LAUGH a little along the way. I am so excited to get the chance to be a part of your week, share some crazy ass stories and hopefully make you laugh a little with me … or at me, I’m cool with both! Soooo that’s me, your Cheeky Chick!

It’s amazing to meet you.


Kennedy xx