There are certain things we all take into the woods when we go for a hike. Water, check. Backpack, check. First-Aid, check. Phone, oh heck yeah! How will people know we went out and did cool stuff if we didn’t have our phones for some photos and our social media feeds so we can share them. It’s just the way things are now and judging by my Instagram feed, I’m more than OK with it. It’s loaded with hikers and backpackers and most of them are great photographers too.

I don’t hide from the fact that I love Instagram. If there is one time-killing app I use it’s this one. Facebook is more or less for work. Twitter is for a quick check of the headlines and a often a good laugh. But Instagram. Yeah I might have an issue with you. I can get sucked into that world way too quickly for my comfort.

So I figured it might be a good idea to share some of my favorite accounts and you can check for yourself and see what you like and what you don’t. Maybe you’ll find a new follow and can get sucked down the same rabbit hole as me, checking out cool places to hike.


Just a really talented outdoor photographer who travels a lot and he posts some things that are reachable if you are a NEPA resident, which is cool.

The Real Hiking Viking

I got turned on to this cat when he was doing a southbound thru-hike of the AT a few years ago. As a bonus, he’s a Pennsylvanian.

Red Beard Hikes 

Here’s an interesting guy who has seemingly turned his love of hiking into a full-time job. He also does great YouTube stuff of his hikes.

Anish Hikes

Meet Heather Anderson, the first female Triple Crowner. She did the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail in one calendar year. Seriously, that’s an incredible feat. I believe she is only the fifth person ever to do it.

Raw Hikes

This account aggregates great hiking photos from the community. There is some terrific stuff here.

Hikers on Their Phones

This is hysterical and is making fun of all of us who are quick to whip out our phones even when we should probably be distracted by the views.

Hiking Hobby

Another account that aggregates photos. The stuff on this one is mind-blowing.

Jon YonKondy

Here’s his bio: Indie-filmmaker. iPhone-tographer. Part-time restauranteur. USC. Penn State. Scranton. Los Angeles. Philadelphia. New York.

Not all of this is hiking stuff but all of it is great and worth a look.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

How can you not include the grandfather of Instagram accounts? Here’s everything you love about the AT, plus you might actually learn a little about what it takes to maintain the trail.

Remember you can find me on Instagram too if you want more hiking, concert, running, Volkswagen, travel and NEPA photos. I’m at chaddsebring. 😉

Thanks guys!