Here is an in-depth look at the District 2 Class 3A Championship meet that is scheduled for March 6 and March 7 at Delaware Valley High School.



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All team buses will drop athletes off and will directed to a designated parking lot. Athletes once inside the school will not be permitted to leave until the conclusion of the meet. All teams will be directed to a designated area inside the gymnasium. All coaches are reminded to present a completed PIAA Postseason Covid Form each day. All coaches and athletes must wear a face covering from time of arrival until departure with the only exception being while on the pool deck.

Locker rooms will be available. In an effort to limit the number of individuals in the locker area all athletes should arrive dressed in swimming uniform. Locker rooms should be utilized for toilet and hand washing purposes only. Following competition athletes will be allowed restricted locker room access in order to change out of wet uniforms and clothing. All athletes should change out of uniform immediately following their final event of the day in order to minimize the number of swimmers in the locker room facility.

There will be no concessions sold. Each team is permitted to bring into the facility no more than 2 full sized coolers. Coolers are not permitted on the pool deck. We ask all garbage is collected and put in the proper receptacles.

In an effort to limit the number of individuals on the pool deck teams will be scheduled a specific time and a specific lane to warm up. Teams will not be permitted in the pool or on the deck except in their designated time slot.

Once the meet begins no coaches will have access to the pool deck. Coaches will be directed to an observation level deck that runs the entire length of the pool 3 feet above the pool deck. We are asking each school to limit the number of coaches to 4. We are also requesting that at least one coach remain with the team in the gymnasium seating area at all times.

Once the meet begins no swimmers will be allowed on the deck other than those competing in the current event. There will be a staging area for the swimmers in the next upcoming event. They will remain in the staging area until directed by an official to enter onto the pool deck. At the completion of an event all athletes must vacate the pool deck and return to the designated team area in the gymnasium.

All media are welcomed to cover the meet. No media other than credentialed press photographers/videographers will be allowed on the deck. Reporters will be accommodated in a designated media area. Each school will be responsible for decisions on permitting interviews of coaches and athletes with respect to that school’s specific policies. Those permitting interviews must adhere to PIAA district two social distancing considerations.

No spectators will be permitted to attend the meet. The competition will be live streamed. The link will be forwarded to you and will be posted on the PIAA District 2 webpage.

There will be no medal presentations during the meet. There will be no awards ceremony at the conclusion of the meet. All medals and awards will be given to each respective school for distribution at a time and manner of their choosing. Due to the absence of medal presentations there will be two 5 minute breaks scheduled within each session.






Delaware Valley’s Victoria Corcoran.





Locker rooms will open at 2 PM

Warm-ups 2:15 PM to 3:45 PM

Competition for the following events will begin at 4 PM


1. 200 Medley Relay
2. 200 Free
3. 200 IM
4. 50 Free
6. 100 Fly
9. 200 Free Relay




200 Medley Relay: Delaware Valley 1:55.00; Tunkhannock 2:02.65; Hazleton Area 2:05.17; Pittston Area 2:16.62; West Scranton 2:16.70; Wilkes-Barre Area 2:16.77.

Meet record: Delaware Valley, 1:51.24 (2015). 2020 Champion: Delaware Valley 1:51.34.


200 Free: Victoria Corcoran (DV) 2:04.04; Samantha Roerig (TUN) 2:13.62; Aubrey Mangan (WS) 2:13.70; Natalie Yeager (HAZ) 2:14.58; Sage Brown (TUN) 2:16.68; Kaylee Butler (SCR) 2:17.97.

Meet record: Sue Heon (AH) 1:54.74 (1978).

2020 Champion: Lydia Smith (WIL) 1:59.50*. D2: Marina O’Hara (HAZ) 1:59.69


200 IM: Alexis Ristaino (DV) 2:23.49; Sierra Hartmann (DV) 2:29.04; Kaitlyn O’Connell (DV) 2:31.58; Samantha Kaleta (BER) 2:45.87; Kacie Fisk (PA) 2:47.30; Julianna Roote (TUN) 2:47.55.

Meet record: Kara Campbell (WAL) 2:09.82 (2020). 2020 Champion: Kara Campbell (WAL) 2:09.82.


50 Free: Camryn Rogers (TUN) 26.04; Cassandra Cabonilas (NAN) 26.17; Elizabeth Livingston (WBA) 26.55; Madison Gillan (DV) 27.07; Julia Weinreb (DV) 27.31; Sadie Hunsinger (HAZ) 27.64.

Meet record: Kristen Stretanski (WVW) 24.07 (1993).

2020 Champion: Lydia Smith (WIL) 25.01*. D2: Abby Brock (AH) 25.21.


100 Fly: Kaitlyn O’Connell (DV) 1:01.85; Sierra Gillan (DV) 1:01.85; Ashtyn Cartwright (HAZ) 1:08.46; Erin Weaver (TUN) 1:11.80; Skyler Bower (DV) 1:18.08; Cameran Ratchford (WS) 1:19.80.

Meet record: Sierra Gillan (DV) 56.60 (2020). 2020 Champion: Sierra Gillan (DV) 56.60.


200 Free Relay: Delaware Valley 1:43.66; Tunkhannock 1:49.64; Hazleton Area 1:51.71; Nanticoke 2:00.62; Wilkes-Barre Area 2:00.89; West Scranton 2:02.90.

Meet record: Wyoming Valley West 1:39.28 (2007).

2020 Champion: Williamsport 1:40.20*. D2: Delaware Valley 1:42.93.



Hazleton Area’s Antonio Daiute.




200 Medley Relay: Delaware Valley 1:44.13; Hazleton Area 1:44.14; Abington Heights 1:58.19.

Meet record: Delaware Valley 1:36.89 (2009).

2020 Champion: Williamsport 1:40.84. D2: Delaware Valley 1:41.31.


200 Free: Antonio Daiute (HAZ) 1:56.34; Adam Vale (AH) 2:03.38; Kevin Guditus (AH) 2:04.89; Cole Johnson (HAZ) 2:06.01; Matthew O’Connell (DV) 2:11.76; Scott Sussman (DV) 2:13.74.

Meet record: Aidan Drouse (SCR) 1:43.79 (2018). 2020 Champion: Damian Baranowski (DV) 1:46.21.


200 IM: Anthony Goulstone (HAZ) 1:58.43; Lucas Santiago (DV) 2:06.62; Liam Leonard (HAZ) 2:13.58; Alexander Corcoran (DV) 2:37.21; Jacob Palermo (HAZ) 2:40.49; Hudson Brown (AH) 2:46.48.

Meet record: Bill Roehl (AH) 1:57.06 (1997). 2020 Champion: Luke Stevens (DV) 2:01.96.


50 Free: Thomas Pollack (HAZ) 23.09; Evan Dong (DV) 23.22; Rory Naturale (DV) 23.77; Dante Alfieri (HAZ) 24.32; Kevin Guditas (AH) 24.44; Brian Ciralli (DV) 24.69.

Meet record: Ed Zawatski (WVW) 20.36 (2015).

2020 Champion: Matthew Beard (WIL) 21.58*. D2: Nick Drouse (SCR) 21.60.


100 Fly: Logan Yakubowski (HAZ) 57.47; Robert Holderith (DV) 58.22; Ryan Kovalick (HAZ) 59.84; Zachary Boersma (AH) 1:02.93; Alex Albrect (SCR) 1:03.48; James Wohlleber (HAZ) 1:05.89.

Meet record: Jorge Moncayo (HAZ) 51.52 (2017). 2020 Champion: Aedan Walter (DV) 52.70.


200 Free Relay: Hazleton Area 1:32.90; Delaware Valley 1:34.14; Abington Heights 1:44.29; Scranton 1:49.29; Wyoming Valley West 1:55.72; Wilkes-Barre Area 2:17.49.

Meet record: Delaware Valley 1:27.13 (2008). 2020 Champion: Delaware Valley 1:28.17.







Delaware Valley’s Sierra Gillan.
Christopher Dolan / Staff Photographer





Locker rooms will open at 2 PM

Warm-ups 2:15 PM to 3:45 PM

Competition for the following events will begin at 4 PM



7. 100 Free
8. 500 Free
10. 100 Back
11. 100 Breast
12. 400 Free Relay




100 Free: Camryn Rogers (TUN) 57.50; Julia Weinrub (DV) 59.29; Anaya Ruiz (TUN) 59.54; Sadie Hunsinger (HAZ) 1:01.12; Hannah Aitken (TUN) 1:02.14; Sage Brown (TUN) 1:02.15.

Meet record: Katlin O’Hara (WVW) 52.08 (2007). 2020 Champion: Kara Campbell (WAL) 53.06.


500 Free: Victoria Corcoran (DV) 5:37.76; Ashtyn Cartwright (HAZ) 5:57.06; Madison Gillan (DV) 6:06.95; Emma Holdrege (TUN) 6:08.14; Natalie Yeager (HAZ) 6:11.61; Lilv Fuchs (DV) 6:15.06.

Meet record: Sue Heon (AH) 5:05.11 (1978). 2020 Champion: Victoria Corcoran (DV) 5:28.85.


100 Back: Sierra Gillan (DV) 59.19; Sierra Hartmann 1:03.16; Cassandra Cabonilas (NAN) 1:05.10; Elizabeth Livingston (WBA) 1:08.61; Hannah Aitken (TUN) 1:09.22; Sabrina Campbell (HAZ) 1:11.77.

Meet record: Katlin O’Hara (WVW) 57.85 (2007).

2020 Champion: Mallory Pardoe (WIL) 59.92*. D2: Sierra Hartmann (DV) 1:02.50.


100 Breast: Alexis Ristaino (DV) 1:12.67; Samanta Roerig (TUN) 1:17.06; Anaya Ruiz (DV) 1:17.15; Lily Fuchs (V) 1:19.97; Emma Holdredge (TUN) 1:20.34; Erin Weaver (TUN) 1:22.14.

Meet record: Alexis Ivanitch (WVW) 1:05.79 (2017). 2020 Champion: Sierra Gillan (DV) 1:06.33.


400 Free Relay: Delaware Valley 3:57.17; Hazleton Area 4:08.74; Tunkhannock 4:16.39; Nanticoke 4:32.79; Pittston Area 4:36.13; Berwick 4:37.86.

Meet record: Wyoming Valley West 3:43.55 (2008).

2020 Champion: Williamsport 3:39.26. D2: Hazleton Area 3:49.44.


2020 TEAM CHAMPION: Delaware Valley Lady Warriors







100 Free: Evan Dong (DV) 51.37; Thomas Pollack (HAZ) 51.92; Dante Alfieri (HAZ) 56.47; Ashton Dainty (SCR) 57.10; Brian Ciralli (DV) 57.47; Matthew O’Connell (DV) 58.35.

Meet record: Ed Zawatski (WVW) 45.58 (2015). 2020 Champion: Damian Baranowski (DV) 47.28.


500 Free: Ryan Kovalcik (HAZ) 5:03.25; Antonio Daiute (HAZ) 5:18.58; Adam Vale (AH) 5:59.33; Scott Sussman (DV) 6:10.59; Alexander Corcoran (DV) 6:12.30; Landon Yakubowski (HAZ) 6:12.88.

Meet record: Aidan Drouse (SCR) 4:46.22 (2017). 2020 Champion: Ryan Kovalcik (HAZ) 4:50.33.


100 Back: Anthony Goulstone (HAZ) 55.16; Robert Holdrith (DV) 1:00.57; Liam Leonard (HAZ) 1:01.78; Cole Johnson (HAZ) 1:05.57; Corey Mayer (SCR) 1:06.73; Lawrence Huff (HAZ) 1:07.87.

Meet record: Ryan Paisley (HAZ) 52.68 (2013). 2020 Champion: Anthony Goulstone (HAZ) 53.21.



Hazleton Area’s Anthony Goulstone.




100 Breast: Lucas Santiago (DV) 1:01.32; Logan Yakubowski (HAZ) 1:05.70; Rory Naturale (DV) 1:06.36; Keith Sublett (DV) 1:09.49; Corey Mayer (SCR) 1:09.63; Bryan Lear (AH) 1:13.67.

Meet record: Paul Flowers (HAZ) 58.11 (2019). 2020 Champion: Nick Drouse (SCR) 59.61.


400 Free Relay: Hazleton Area 3:25.54; Delaware Valley 3:47.90; Abington Heights 3:54.38; Scranton 4:10.22; Wyoming Valley West 4:31.62; Wilkes-Barre Area 5:27.28.

Meet record: Bishop Hoban 3:12.96 (1986). 2020 Champion: Hazleton Area 3:19.05.


2020 TEAM CHAMPION: Delaware Valley Warriors





  • – Indicates champion is from Williamsport, which represented District 4 in the subregional