Mid Valley sophomore Lindsey Jason turned a pair of double plays filling in at shortstop in the 4-1 District 2 Class 3A title game win over Wyoming Seminary, while adding a triple, single, two runs and an RBI at the plate.

Age: 16

Do you follow any sports teams? I like UCLA softball.

Superstitions or rituals on days when you have games? Before every game, I always make sure my grandfather gives me a hitting lesson. He doesn’t know the fundamentals of hitting, but I always go up and make sure he tells me what to do before I bat. I think it makes me happy.

Talk about winning the district championship. Two years ago, whenever Danielle won the first one, I was watching and Coach (Michael) Piercy looked at me and said, you better get ready for this. So when we actually won, I was so happy. It was a great experience.

Talk about turning the game-ending double play. She hit a hard ground ball closer to second base. My first instinct was to get the lead runner out. I do not want them to catch up in the last inning. That would be horrible. My first instinct was I want a double play. My adrenaline was going crazy so I really wanted to make it happy, and I was so happy when I did.

This year you’re batting .563 with 45 RBIs in 20 games. This year I got way more comfortable with the team and I did a lot of work on staying back and staying relaxed. I think it showed in my hitting this year.

What’s the key to hitting with runners in scoring position? I stay very relaxed. I do a thing where I’ll look at coach Piercy and start laughing even, anything that makes me relax. Being funny so I’m in a calm mindset and it’s crazy how well that works for me.

Most famous athlete you’ve ever met? Jennie Finch. I meter her twice at her softball tournament in New Jersey. I think she’s awesome. A few years ago we did it for our friend Lovie (Kathy McDonald). It was really special to us.

Other than softball, what skill would you like to master? I speak a little Korean. I love learning Korean. At first I was interested in the band (BTS) and I thought, if I the music and I learn the language, when I get a job it will help a lot. I took online classes and my parents paid for it, so I’ve been learning Korean. It’s awesome.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their life? Definitely travel to a different country. I loved meeting the people in the Dominican Republic and a lot of the kids. I made friends with them using my very slight knowledge of Spanish from Spanish I. It was a family vacation and we went go-karting and these children were sitting in the rocks so I went over and started drawing with them. I actually have a picture one of the girls gave me. She was drawing it in a little book she had.

Who’s your funniest teammate? I’m going to say MacKenzie (Mitchko). She makes me laugh a lot and it’s pretty hard to make me laugh. She manages it.

Your sister is going to Division I Robert Morris for softball. What have you learned from her? She calms me down if I make a mistake. She’s the first one to tell me it’s okay, that no one is mad at you. That helps me. Believe it or not, she doesn’t know it helps me because I don’t tell her.

Toughest pitcher you’ve played against in high school. She’s my buddy and I yell at her all the time —Jenna Bradley. I yelled at her when she struck me out. I love Jenna. She’s the sweetest girl ever but she got me good. She’s a great pitcher.

One person you would like to have on your team. I can answer this question so easily. Marisa Kelly from Scranton Prep. She is my best friend in the entire world. She plays on my travel team.

Have you started thinking about what lies ahead for you? I’m looking at a few schools with a physician’s assistant program. Obviously I’m going to decide on a school that has that and with my softball career. I’m trying to find the best fit for me. I’m keeping my options open.