In Dunmore’s season-opening 17-6 win over Wallenpaupack, senior running back Cristian Buckley carried 29 times for 313 yards and one touchdown.

On the first play of the game, Buckley scored on a 75-yard run. On his second carry, he broke off a 47-yard run. In the third quarter, after Wallenpaupack scored to close within 14-6, he returned the ensuing kickoff 41 yards to shift the momentum back in Dunmore’s favor. Moments later, he had a key 14-yard catch on fourth-and-10 to keep alive the drive which ultimately resulted in a field goal. Finally, late in the fourth quarter, he carried seven times — including a 6-yard gain on fourth-and-4 — to help the Bucks run out the clock.

Here is more from Buckley’s Athlete of the Week interview:

Favorite teams: Michigan college football, Dallas Cowboys

Dunmore RB Cristian Buckley

Favorite food: Sushi
Athletes I admire: Deion Sanders. I like how he presents himself. He always thinks he was the best player out there.
Superstitions and rituals: Before every game, I go to Mrs. Cookie Moore’s house and we pray. Both my brothers did it before me, so I had to keep on the tradition.
Three people I’d like to have dinner with:  My grandfather Michael Perry, LeBron James, The Notorious B.I.G.

Your first two carries of the season totaled 122 yards. How good did that feel? It felt really good. I definitely brought up the intensity of our team. I think it kind of helped us the whole game.
Talk about the 14-yard pass you caught on fourth-and-10 in the third quarter to keep a scoring drive going. I ran a 10-yard out on the play. I knew we needed a first down to keep the drive going. It was a big play.
With everything going on with the COVID pandemic, how worried were you that you might not have a senior season? It was always in the back of my head. But I just had to keep a positive mindset and keep working in case we did have a season. How did you prepare for the season on  your own? I’d go out in the field a lot by myself or put a ladder on the ground in the backyard and do some drills.
What was it like playing without fans in the stands? It was definitely a different feeling. The fans bring the energy, which really helps a lot. Instead, you have to bring your own intensity. Especially with Dunmore. It’s a family. Everybody cheers for everybody.
Goals for the season: For myself, I hope to have 1,000 yards rushing this year. With five games, it’s going to be kind of tough but I think I can do it. Especially with my team blocking up front. For team goals, I was us to have a perfect season.

Post-graduation plans: Hopefully I can play football somewhere. I’m going to go on to study business.