These are a few of my favorite things.

So, with the gift-shopping season well underway, here is this year’s list comprised of items that are ideal as stocking stuffers, exchange gifts or perfect for those on a limited budget — like kids and Labrador retrievers — to present two-legged family members. And best of all, each connects with Pennsylvania’s great outdoors.


Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Pennsylvania Angler and Boater

Published bi-monthly by the PFBC, “The Keystone State’s Official Fishing and Boating Magazine” is in its 87th year of publishing. Originally known as “Pennsylvania Angler: when it made its debut in December 1931, these issues are archived and available on the agency website as a PDF file.

“Pennsylvania Angler and Boater” annual subscriptions are $20, with reduced rates for multi-year subscriptions. Each bi-monthly issue provides the latest information on fishing hotspots, types of fish, boating locations, how-to and adventure features in each 64-page, full-color issue.


Pennsylvania Game Commission Big Game Records 2020

Published annually by the PGC, which bases its Big Game Scoring Program after, and uses, the measuring system of the Boone & Crockett Club, which was founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt and a group of his close friends. Because of the club’s efforts to promote fair chase hunting and implement game laws and regulations, many big game animals were brought back from the verge of extinction.

Scoring and keeping track of big game animals is important because harvesting a record book animal brings to attention the excellence of habitat and wildlife management practices that produce healthy wildlife populations. The scoring program also stresses hunter and conservation ethics, and is another tool that promotes recreational hunting and supports Pennsylvania’s strong hunting heritage.

Categories and minimum scores for inclusion in Pennsylvania’s book are: Typical White-tailed Deer Firearm, 140-0/8; Typical White-tailed Deer Archery, 115-0/8; Non-typical White-tailed Deer Firearm, 160-0/8; Non-typical White-tailed Deer Archery, 135-0/8; Black Bear Firearm, 19-0/16; Black Bear Archery, 17-0/16; Typical Elk Firearm, 300-0/8; Typical Elk Archery; 200-0/8; Non-typical Elk Firearm, 325-0/8; Non-typical Elk Archery, 275-0/8.

To order a copy of “Big Game Records,” enter a big game animal or for more information about the Game Commission’s Big Game Records Program, contact Boone & Crockett Club certified scorer and coordinator of Pennsylvania’s program Bob D’Angelo at or call the Game Commission Harrisburg Headquarters at 717-787-4250.


Pennsylvania Game News

Published monthly by the PGC, “Pennsylvania Game News” is a 64-page magazine about hunting and wildlife in Pennsylvania. It includes articles from PGC staff members, professional outdoors writers, photos from the field, season updates, wildlife news and special features.

Past issues can be viewed at, and the first article of current issues is available for anyone to view. Subscribers can view entire issues online, and anyone can view issues one year and older.

Subscription rates are one year for $20, two years for $35 and three years for $50.

To subscribe visit


Pennsylvania Outdoor News

Published bi-weekly, “Outdoor News” was founded in 1968 and has published hunting and fishing articles for outdoors enthusiasts for more than 50 years. From Minnesota to New York, “Outdoor News” covers the local hunting and fishing scene like no other media source available and is considered the “watch dog” for the sportsmen who call Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York home.

Hunters, anglers, trappers and outdoors enthusiasts rely on “Outdoor News” to provide up-to-date local outdoors information, and keep them updated on legislative actions and policies that have a direct impact on their way of life.

A survey of readers show 96 percent hunt, 89 percent fish, and they spent more than an hour reading each issue. To read a sample edition and get subscription information access, visit

Pennsylvania Game Commission Pennsylvania Wildlife Calendar: Published annually by the PGC, the calendars feature the many Pennsylvania species managed for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Copies are available from the PGC and sell for $9.25.

DOYLE DIETZ is parliamentarian of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.