50 Years Ago – April 12, 1970

On their Way to the Moon
After a good night’s rest, the astronauts of Apollo 13, James Lovell, Fred Haise and John Swigert, will start the next phase of their mission.
The crew had a meeting with ground control to go over the launch and how the ship is functioning. Following dinner, the crew will work on making course correction maneuvers to keep them headed towards the Moon.


Apollo 13 Editorial Cartoon by Lew Harsh. Times-Tribune Archives

NASA reported during liftoff on April 11, that one of the rockets that were pushing them towards outer space cut out early. The mission control team praised astronaut Swigert for his piloting skills when the rocket gave out.

Author O’Hara Dead at 65
Author John O’Hara, Pottsville native, died yesterday, April 11, at his home Linebrook near Princeton University from a heart attack. He was 65.
O’Hara was born in Pottsville in 1905. His hometown was the inspiration for “Gibbsville” which appeared in several of his works including his debut novel “Appointment in Samarra.”
Other books written by O’Hara were Butterfield 8, Ten North Frederick, Pal Joey, From the Terrace and A Rage to Live. These works would later transformed into Broadway musical and major motion pictures starring Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Frank Sintra, Gary Cooper and Joanne Woodward.
O’Hara was married three times and had a daughter, Wylie, with his second wife Belle Mulford Wylie. His first wife was Helen Ritchie Petit and his third wife was Katherine Barnes Bryan.

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