April 15, 1970
Apollo 13 conserving supplies
NASA issued updates on the Apollo 13 mission home. Officials said that the astronauts have been resting and trying to keep their activities to minimum and that they are in good spirits. The astronauts are also making efforts to conserve their resources to help make the return trip successful.
This evening the crew of Apollo 13 is planning on making a midcourse engine correction to ship the vehicle on track to return to Earth. If this correction is not successful, the ship will miss the Earth by 104 miles.

NASA and US Navy officials are keeping eye on Tropical Storm that is churning in the Pacific Ocean. They said that if it appears that the storm could affect the splashdown, they will have astronauts maneuver the ship to splashdown near Samoa.
Msgr. Michael Kennedy, pastor of St. Peter’s Cathedral announced on April 16 that a special mass for the safe return of the Apollo 13 astronauts will be said at 12;10pm.

Vietnam Protest in Scranton
Close to a 1,000 people participated in a peaceful Vietnam War protest in the streets of Scranton.
While marching from the campus of the University of Scranton to Courthouse Square the participants chanted “peace now.”
Once at Courthouse Square the protesters heard anti-war speeches from clergy, faculty and students of the university.

Wed, Apr 15, 1970 – 1 · The Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania) · Newspapers.com

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