The Greater Hazleton Area Rails to Trails is looking for donations to maintain the trail for 2020.

Joe Yannuzzi, executive director of the Greater Hazleton Area Civic Partnership, which fostered the construction of and maintains the trail, said it not only takes volunteers to maintain the trail, it takes money.

“In order to create a beautiful garden you must start in early spring by gathering all the tools and materials you need to carefully plan and plant for the perfect results,” Yannuzzi said.

“Most importantly, financial help is needed to plan and plant the necessary items needed to reverse the damages caused by the winter frost and drainage and to accomplish the perfect result.”

The “plan” part requires money to pay for rent, management, insurances, electronic equipment and necessary office supplies. To plant requires tools, equipment, management and materials for landscaping, Yannuzzi said.

Maintaining the trail is more important than ever, Yannuzzi said, because the trail is being expanded.

“Aside from the many programs our organization has, like the scholarship funding and trail events, our trails task force is in the middle of extending our current trail to the Eckley Miners’ Village Museum,” Yannuzzi said. “The trail will bring many more visitors to Eckley, which the Village desperately needs. We expect in the upcoming 2020 season to have more usage of our trail system.”

Volunteers are always needed at the trail, especially in the spring, to clean it up from winter, Yannuzzi said.

Yannuzzi pointed out any donations are tax deductible, because the Civic Partnership is a designated 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Donations may be sent to Greater Hazleton Area Civic Partnership, in care of the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, 8 W. Broad St., Mezzanine 1490, Hazleton, PA 18201.