Sometimes your searching for one item and other interesting piece of history is uncovered. 

This morning I found an envelope marked Holy Cross Cadets. Intrigued after reading about the suspension of the football program at Holy Cross High School, I had to look inside. 

Inside was this photo of the Holy Cross Cadets – young members of the church who participated in sporting and academic competition in recreation leagues in the area for the past five years. The pictured appeared in the Scranton Times on April 28, 1931. 

a large group of boys

The Cadets and Coaching Staff of the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in the Bellevue section of Scranton in 1931. Times-Tribune Archives

They boys participated in basketball, baseball, track and field, boxing, marbles, essay writing and public speaking. 

During those five years the Cadets won eleven trophies, nine ribbons and nineteen medals.