April 13, 1970

Trouble in Outer Space
After a normal day of traveling in outer space, something unthinkable occurred aboard Apollo 13 at 9pm eastern standard time.
The astronauts received an alert of a power failure in one of the ship’s power cells. The failure was caused by an explosion caused by a serious oxygen leak.

John Swigert radioed mission control and said “okay Houston, we’ve had a problem here.” To which Ground Controller Jack Lousma responded “this is Houston. Say it again please.” To which James Lovell responded “Houston we’ve had a problem. We’ve had a main B bus undervolt.”
Mission control and the astronauts immediately got to work on a solution to get the trio home.

Moon Rocks big hit
As Apollo 13 is heading back to the Moon, over 10,000 people filed through the Everhart Museum on the final day, April 12, to see the lunar samples that were returned to Earth just a year ago with the Apollo 11 mission.
Museum director William Speare reported that since the lunar rock exhibit opening, April 7, over 27,000 people have visited the exhibit.


Thousands of area residents lined up at Everhart Museum – some two, three, four and five abreast – Sunday, April 12, 1970 to see a moon rock taken from the Sea of Tranquility on the Apollo 11 mission.
It is interesting to note that before the last person in this line, which extends back to the parking lot, reached the front door of the museum, the Apollo 13 astronauts had soared about 20,000 miles closer to the moon. About 8,000 people passed through the museum’s doors on Sunday and between 25,000 to 30,000 during the last week. Times-Tribune Archives

Shopping List
Ground beef was 69 cents per pound, DelMonico steaks were $1.89 per pound, a pound of carrots were 10 cents, a pound package of margarine was 47 cents and a roll of Scott bathroom tissue was 10 cents (limit 3 per customer).

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