Choices ranging from the skin pattern and coloring of the chain pickerel to a red-and-white fishing bobber are available in this year’s public poll to select the design for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s 2021 collectible fishing license button.

The online poll will close at noon on Wednesday, September 30, with the design getting the most votes becoming the license button that will be available for order when the 2021 fishing licenses go on sale beginning December 1.

Here are the four choices:

Chain Pickerel: The fish skin design honors the most abundant and widely distributed member of the pike family. Notoriously aggressive lure biters, chain pickerel are found throughout the Delaware, Susquehanna and Potomac River watersheds. The species hides easily in its weedy habitat, with its dark, greenish-yellow back, fading to lighter yellow-green along the sides. Along its the sides is a pattern of dark chainlike markings that gives the fish its name.

Conservation Green: The single-color design highlights the important role that all Pennsylvania anglers have in conserving our precious aquatic resources. By purchasing a fishing license, anglers support biologists’ research, habitat enhancement and law enforcement efforts that preserve fish populations and recreational fishing opportunities across Pennsylvania.

Bobber: A must-have in every tackle box, the classic red and white bobber design honors one of the most iconic pieces of fishing gear. Simple but effective for fishing with bait on lakes and ponds, the sight of a dancing bobber on the opening day of trout season sets the heart racing and brings out the kid in all of us.

Wear It: Because fishing and boating go hand-in-hand, the commission is floating the stylish new life jacket design inspired by the National Safe Boating Council’s Wear It campaign. The commission touts the design as a perfect pick for the growing number of Pennsylvania paddlers who love to cast a line while kayaking or canoeing safely along their favorite river, lake or stream.

Anglers decide on a sunfish pattern for their Pennsylvania fishing licenses

After the design is chosen and printed, the price of each button will be $10. The purchase of a button is not a requirement in addition to the purchase of a license.

Each custom button measures 1.75 inches with a high-quality, pin-back design and feature the angler’s customer identification number, the same number displayed on a standard fishing license.

Anglers who display a collectible fishing license button must still possess a standard fishing license and be able to produce it upon request of a Waterways Conservation Officer.

— Marcus Schneck, PennLive