Anglers crowd around Lake Irena in Hazle Twp. like it’s opening day of trout season, but colored foliage along the shoreline indicates it’s late in the season.

Two days after the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocked the lake with trout on Oct. 23, anglers still were trying their luck. One fly fisherman had waded in before casting.

The scene is a reminder that fishing is a year-round sport, but as the water cools anglers, boaters and water fowl hunters have to be more careful.

An unexpected plunge can cause cold water shock in which people panic, inhale water, hyperventilate and struggle to swim. Hypothermia and death can set in faster.

Starting today through April 30, 2020, state law requires boaters, canoeists and kayakers to wear life jackets.

A life jacket can keep them afloat and alive, the commission’s safety manager Ryan Walt said in a statement.

In its cold water survival tips, the commission says:

Never boat alone.

Tell a friend or relative where you’ll be boating and when you plan to return to shore.

Learn the waters where you plan to boat.

Fully charge your phone and keep it in a waterproof bag.

Wear polypropylene, fleece or other clothing that insulates even when wet.

If you do fall in:

Cover your mouth and nose with your hands so you don’t inhale water.

Stay with your boat and climb atop it if you can.

Stay dressed while in the water but get out of wet clothes and warm up as soon as possible after returning to shore.

Then seek medical attention because some effects are delayed by temperature.