Today (Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021) marked the start of the 2021-22 school year for my children, with my son starting middle school and my daughter embarking on her senior year of high school.

The day I knew would come at last came at last. Dressed in black and white plaid skirt she picked out at Hot Topic (after seeing it online and discovering its availability at a regional location), black polo shirt and new black and white hi-top Vans, she and her brother smiled for the obligatory first day of school photos. They jumped in my car as we headed first to the middle school. My son got out after I hugged and kissed him and his sister and I wished him well.

Then it was off to the high school. Waiting in the line of traffic leading to the building on the hill, I reached for her hand and said, “Ahh, my baby!” with a smile.

She looked and me and said, “No. No tears!”

In all honesty, I shed no tears today. I came close, however, as I added her photos to my social media timeline and perused plenty more from family and friends. I sat in the car in the garage for a few minutes before going into the house to prepare for work.

This year will be filled many first last events. Each will contain a touch of sentiment, but I plan to savor them and enjoy them. That’s what we should do in this life, right?

Best wishes for a smooth and healthy school year for parents, teachers, staff and students. One day down, 179 to go!