As the start of the 2019-20 academic school year draws dangerously close, I relish the warm temperatures that linger in Northeast PA.

In line with warmer weather, a meme surfaced in Facebook memories this week from the website A picture featuring of a pair of the footwear on the sand and the ocean and sun in the background. The words “Life is better in flip flops (sic)” complete the picture.

I couldn’t agree more. I embrace the warmer weather months and the opportunities to go about my business sock-free — not to mention the worry of having to match socks when the mates seem elusive. (Yes, I admit that almost every day at my house is “odd sock day.” Ha!)

Thinking back on the past three to four months, I didn’t wear sneakers or other close-toed shoes much. I prefer flip-flops. Slip on, slip off. No fuss.

There’s more than one pair per person in my household. One pair might match better with an outfit, while another just might do better for a trip to the pool or the beach.

As the need to seek more close-toed footwear approaches with school (student dress code), the kiddos sifted through the shoes they have. They decided what’s usable, what doesn’t fit anymore and what could be sold or given away. This weekend, the school shopping starts and includes the traditional purchase of new shoes.

Next comes the inventory of school clothing, from shorts and pants to shirts and sweaters. It’s a good time of year to de-clutter and get organized for literally a new year of things to do and accomplish. As the tasks unfold and weather stays warm, I’ll don my flip-flops. 🙂 Life is better in them after all, right?