Facebook memories. You love them or hate them.

Some bring back memories better hidden away. Others bring a smile to your face. Even still, some spur the “Wow, I didn’t remember that one!”

One such post popped up on my “Memories” timeline today (Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021). Three years ago now (Really? 2018 now sits three years back in time?), my son made me a pink construction paper heart. In the center he wrote “Love you mommy You are the Best” (sic). I noted in the post, “Jacob made this for me after school Friday. I must be doing something right!”

Seeing that photo again made me smile. My son tells me every day that he loves me. He asks how my work day went. He puts up with me asking him often and much if his written homework is done (If I don’t ask, well, it could very well not be done!). No matter what, though, he hugs and kisses me goodnight before heading to bed.

Sure, he has his moments. What child doesn’t? In those times, I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Then I see things like this and think about the things I’m doing right. I can only hope the right stuff remains as my son approaches his last year as a tween and then — gasp! — the world of teendom. …