Stay at home, mom.

Really. Stay put. Hang up the car keys. Shut the garage door or lock the car doors as it rests in the driveway, carport, parking lot or street. And refrain from traveling anywhere.

Ahhh. The idea of staying home away from work, errands, activities and other daily doings sounds perfect. Not always a possibility, but when it is, it could mean relaxing, binge-watching movies and shows or catching up on cleanup.

If staying home without having to head to the car happens for me, it’s a little slice of heaven. My little sedan gets plenty of daily travel between school, work and kids’ activities. Oh yeah. Throw in food shopping and other in-between errands. Gotta get it all done! If I don’t have to get behind the wheel and hit the gas to go anywhere, I don’t.

Funny. Remember back to ages 15 or 16 when you couldn’t wait to get your learner’s permit, pass your driver’s license test and finally have a car to go where your wanted? After many years of driving — not to mention putting up with those “other” drivers out there who hog the passing lane at a slow pace, fail to use turn signals and just don’t pay attention — staying home sounds good.

Don’t get me wrong. I love traveling, going places and making memories with my family. However, some days just call for keeping the car in place and enjoying the comforts and upkeep of home where you lay your head.