The temperature read about 31 degrees Sunday afternoon (Jan. 19, 2020). The wind made it seem much colder than that.

Count that wind as a factor in keeping things still snowy and slippery as my son tried out a toboggan that he got for Christmas. Santa also left a warm pair of snow pants that fit perfectly to keep my son warm and dry from the snow.

Growing up on the outskirts of Ashland in northern Schuylkill County, my parents’ home sat away from the main road on a slight hill. The front lawn was perfect for sledding. My sisters and I spent many a snow day sliding up and down the hill, enjoying fast jaunts to the bottom before hauling our saucers back to the top.

I got back into the swing — well, slide — of things with my son on Sunday. We went to the hills near the Schuylkill Haven schools — a popular sledding spot. Sometimes I stood at the bottom of the hill to help stop his venture, snap a few action shots or film a short video. Other times I plopped myself on the back of the toboggan with my son nestled in front of me. We shrieked and laughed as we went down the hill. I’d throw my legs to the sides and dig my heels into the snow to stop, then clumsily try and get up from the toboggan. We laughed even more.

The laughs and exhilarating slides down the hill outdid the chills and aches (for me) that I endured later. It just goes to show that I need to shape up a bit and that, yes, I’m getting older. However, this is what it’s all about — enjoying the wonders of winter through the eyes of our youngsters. If it snows again, watch out. Maybe I’ll pick up another toboggan somewhere and race my little guy down those hills!