1. Consistency getting into the gym

    • 5 to 7 days of the week is considered consistent


2. Eating decent (not perfect)

    • Aim to address 1 bad habit each month
    • Personal Challenge
        • Print out a blank calendar and write your new habit goal on top
        • Give yourself a check each day you stay true to your goal
        • Assess your consistency at the end of the month
        • Continue to improve this habit
        • Aim to build new lifestyle patterns
        • Repeat with other lacking health/fitness habits.


3. Preventing injury

    • If you are not sure what you are doing please ask someone for help. It is important to stay conscious of the source of your advice
    • Some questions to ask a “Personal Trainer” or “Health Coach”
        • Individual’s background and experience in the industry
        • Is this individual working in health and fitness as a profession (what you want) or as a side-gig?
        • How do they envision you reaching your goals (extreme answers are nearly never the answer)