To have a signature fragrance is no small feat.

For example, in a beauty Facebook group I’m part of, one woman shared she was looking for a new fragrance because her signature also happened to be the same perfume her boyfriend’s sister wore. I’ll let you think about how awkward that can be. 

Yes, we can layer our fragrances, but we’re not all the noses of an exclusive French perfumery. While scents may initially smell great together (aka the top notes), throughout the day, the perfumes will reveal their hearts and dry-downs. And all those scents may not play so nicely together. 

In a move that should shock no one, our beloved Target is here to save the day.

MIX:BAR is new fragrance concept, exclusively available at Target and, that features seven scents crafted by the finest perfumers that are designed to be worn alone OR layered and cocktailed together. Since the pros know what’s up, they’ve created these perfumes to be mixed and matched for endless possibilities and combinations that ALWAYS will smell amazing.

Launching on Monday, Jan. 25, choose from MIX:BAR’s seven scents, Tangerine Squeeze, Coconut Palm, Glass Rose, Vanilla Bourbon, Cloud Musk, Wood Elixir and Blackberry Tonic.

Every scent also comes in three formats (sold separately), an eau de parfum ($18.99), a hair & body mist ($8.99) and a brush-on fragrance pen ($11.99), created with an innovative brush tip applicator. This way, you can spray two or more of the perfumes directly on top of each other or use the perfume on your neck and chest with a different scent in the hair & body mist spritz onto your hair. You also can snag the MIX:BAR Discovery Set ($13.99), which features eau de parfums of five scents, Tangerine Squeeze, Glass Rose, Coconut Palm, Cloud Musk and Vanilla Bourbon.

All formulas also are cruelty-free and vegan, as well as made without parabens and phthalates, if that’s something that’s important to you.

Learn the details of each fragrance below and get ready to create a signature scent as unique as you.


Tangerine Squeeze

A “juicy mouthwatering blend to transport you to the carefree, sunshine filled days of summer,” it opens with top notes of clementine, pink grapefruit and frozen raspberry with Lily of the valley, frangipani and honeysuckle at its center, before drying down to reveal cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. Created by Artisan Perfumer Patricia Choux.

Coconut Palm

Also created by Choux, this “luxurious and warm” fragrance is an elevated take on the tropical scent, inspired by the many facets of coconut. It begins with top notes of coconut wood and artemisia then vanilla, salty accord, seaweed and incense in its center and drying down to sandalwood cream, amber, musk milk, modern amber. 

Glass Rose

“A unique and irresistible twist on a traditional rose scent,” it’s topped with grapefruit, fresh raspberry and watery bergamot and a center of rose, peony, jasmine, freesia and floral. It then dries down to amber, woody, musky, moss and cedarwood. Created by artisan perfumer Vincent Kuczinski.

Vanilla Bourbon

“Comforting and invigorating … dark and sensual,” this fragrance, also created by Choux, opens with bergamot and black pepper, with a jasmine, apple blossom and vanilla orchid center before drying down to ambramone, Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood and gold amber.

Wood Elixir

Sweet and earthy, this scent “wraps you in a layer of warmth and comfort.” Also created by Kuczinski, this irresistible fragrance opens with fruity, raspberry je, blackberry, green and lemon with a center of rhubarb, jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, solar and watery and a dry-down of  amber, woody, patchouli, vanilla and musky.

Cloud Musk

“An everlasting, skin-hugging scent,” it opens with pink pepper, cardamom and blue cypress, before revealing iris, jasmine and cotton peony in its center and skin musk, benzoin, tonka beans and sheer woods in its dry-down. Created by artisan perfumer Claude Dir.

Blackberry Tonic

This “joyful, irresistibly juicy and delicious scent” begins with blackberries, muguet and juicy with a center of jasmine and a dry-down of amberwood, musk woods and vanilla. Created by Artisan Perfumer Gino Percontino.