I grew up around a lot of strong women.

If you read my first blog, you know how much my mom influenced my love of beauty, but there were a lot of women along the way who shaped and molded me into who I am.

On a day where we celebrate moms and all maternal figures, I wanted to share the secrets about looking and feeling good that I’ve learned from the women role models in my life.


My mom, Cathy Mazur, does her makeup in the living room, which is always flooded with natural light. Just like a YouTube beauty guru, she uses a hand mirror while applying and inspects every angle of her face and neck to ensure even coverage. When it’s already dark out, she finds the most well-lit space she can. If you look good in bright light, you will look good anywhere.


My maternal grandmother, Catherine Hoban Errico (who I called “Grammie”) religiously used Revlon Jean Naté After Bath Splash, a mix of lemon, bergamot, jasmine and spiceHelen Richel Mazur, my paternal grandmother, or “Babci” (Polish for grandmother), favored earthy scents, such as Timeless by Avon with rich opoponax and sweet patchouli, and Avon’s Here’s My Heart, which held aldelhydic (carbon compound used in most perfumes that can differ in scent by molecular weight — Chanel No. 5 is one of the most popular kind of these scents) and green notes. My mom, on the other hand, loves citrus and water fragrances, especially the annual Calvin Klein limited edition summer scents. They taught me that fragrance is personal and your signature scent should evoke memories of you, even after you’re gone.


I can trace my love of getting ready back to the hours I spent in my aunt Elaine Mazur Astolfi’s bathroom. My “cioci” (“aunt” in Polish) lined up all of her products on her vanity and applied them methodically, but it was the atmosphere that I remember most. It was a fun and special ritual and could either be the ultimate bonding moment or a relaxing solo activity. To this day, I love to pack a bag and head over to my BFF’s for a glam session before a night out. On the flip side, doing my skin care routine and applying my makeup alone centers me and makes me feel focused and strong. That’s all thanks to Cioci.


I never met my maternal great-grandmother, Minnie Graf Hoban, but I know she had striking blue eyes, a tiny stature and a feisty personality. She also wore heels every day — right up until her last day at 80. Her hair always was done, her makeup perfect and she always dressed up. Her heels, jewelry and lipstick made her feel her best every day, which led to her being her best. I’ve always gravitated toward beauty, and hearing her stories makes me confident a commitment to glamour runs through my veins.