“The Good Place” creator Michael Schur would like to help you manage your life even as he figures out how to put it into words.

Simon & Schuster announced Tuesday that the Emmy-winning writer, producer and actor is working on “How to Be Good: A Definitive Answer for Exactly What to Do, In Every Possible Situation,” in which he combines humor and philosophy to “deal with the large and small ethical challenges we all face every day.”

The book is scheduled for fall 2021.

Besides “The Good Place,” Schur also helped create “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Parks & Recreation” and was a writer and producer for “The Office.” He also played Dwight’s cousin Mose on “The Office.”

In a statement Tuesday, Schur confessed: “I have no idea how to write a book,” but his editor, Eamon Dolan, said it “wouldn’t be a problem.”