Sophomore Olivia Haas of Blue Mountain High School ran course-record 18:18 to become a two-time Class AA gold medalist at the District 11 Cross Country Championships.

  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Age: 16
  • Residence: Orwigsburg
  • Family: Parents, Randy and Lisa; brothers, Kevin and John
  • Other sports you play: Swimming, track and field
  • Favorite pro athlete: None
  • Favorite pro sports teams: None
  • Favorite college team: Penn State
  • Favorite subject: Science
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Favorite movie: None
  • Favorite TV show: Riverdale
  • Favorite color: Teal
  • Favorite musical style: Pop
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with friends


Blue Mountain’s Olivia Haas runs to victory in the Class AA girls’ race at the District 11 Cross Country Championships on Wednesday at DeSales University.

Q: Two years, two district gold medals. How do you feel about that?

A: Really excited. I knew going into the race I was going for the gold, and it worked out.

Q: Your parents have been elite distance runners. How have they helped you with your running?

A: They helped me a lot in the summer. I run with my dad. They help with my workouts, along with my coaches. … Before races we talk about what strategy I should use.

Q: What do you like most about cross country and why?

A: I like the team aspect. I have great teammates. I like the atmosphere; everybody is so friendly. I consider my team a family because we’re so close. We’re all friends. And also the racing aspect makes it even more fun

Q: What are your goals for states?

A: Last year I was top-five. I’m hoping to be up there again and hopefully beat my time from last year.

Q: You’ll be making your second trip to states. What did you learn last year that will help you this time?

A: Probably the hills on that course. They’re so tough, and knowing the course better, knowledge of what the course looks like.

Q: What’s the key to running well at states?

A: The most important thing is resting, not doing anything strenuous to hurt myself and doing the right kind of training and workouts.

Q: Describe standing at the starting line at states. How important is the start?

A: It’s very nerve-wracking because you know you’re on the line with phenomenal runners. And you know you have to get out quick so you don’t get stuck in a big group.

Q: You’re only a sophomore, but do you have any goals after high school? How does running figure in?

A: I definitely want to go to college for running. I hope to go to a bigger school. I probably won’t swim but will focus on running in college. I’m definitely excited for the future after high school.