This week, staff writer Laura Rysz talks with Adam Pfeiffer about the free ’90s Trivia Night on hosted by the Albright Memorial Library.

Residence: Dunmore

Educational and professional background: Master’s degree in education from Bloomsburg University; teaches computers and information technology to all ages

Title: Computer lab coordinator at Albright Memorial Library, Scranton

Q: What was the inspiration for this event?

A: Earlier in the year, we had several virtual trivia nights that were very popular. Most of the other trivia nights were movie- and TV-themed. We have done Harry Potter, “Lord of the Rings,” “Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” Disney animation, “The Office” and “Friends.” Knowing that many people will be missing family and friends this year, we thought it was a good time to have another trivia night. It will give people a way to meet up and relax virtually.

Q: How does the virtual event work?

A: The event is open to anyone who has a account (it’s free). Our Twitch page can be found at Questions will appear on screen and be read by the host (with) four multiple-choice answers. Players click on what they believe is the correct answer and are awarded points based on if they were correct and how quickly they answered. The trivia contest will have 50 multiple-choice questions. Twitch has built-in messaging that allows participants to communicate with text messages. The event will be hosted by me.

Q: What topics will be included?

A: We will have a variety of questions from the ’90s, including sports, music, history, movies and TV.

Q: What were some of your favorite movies and television shows during the ‘90s?

A: Some of my favorite ‘90s shows include “Dragonball Z,” “Star Trek — The Next Generation,” “Frasier” and “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.” Some of my favorite ‘90s movies are “The Matrix,” “Fight Club,” “Happy Gilmore” and “Dogma.”

Q: What age group are you hoping to attract with this event?

A: The event is for all ages and is for anyone that grew up in, remembers or enjoys ’90s pop culture.

Q: Why is community support important at this time?

A: This has been a stressful year, and people need ways to meet and talk to other people. I know for me, the night before Thanksgiving has always been a time to see friends and family from out of town. Everyone’s lives have been impacted by COVID-19, and events like these give people a safe, fun alternative to meeting in person.