Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Congratulations to all of the champions this season and Lackawanna Trail, which reached the PIAA Class 1A semifinal.

It’s time now to release the 2019 Lackawanna Football Conference Coaches’ All-Star Teams. We cannot emphasize this enough: These are the teams voted upon by the conference coaches. Players are nominated and the coaches vote. This season, they chose to combine Division I and Division II into one team and the Division III and Division IV into one team. I applaud this move. The LIAA athletic directors should do the same. That is an argument for another day.

So, before fans and parents litter the inbox of The Times-Tribune about who should have been selected, we repeat: THE COACHES VOTE FOR THESE TEAMS.







Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division I-II Coaches’ All-Star Offensive Team include, front from left, Western Wayne’s Jake Shepherd, Scranton Prep’s Carter Odell, Delaware Valley’s Josh Balcarcel, Valley View’s Janaasah Boone, Western Wayne’s Zane Janiszewski, Delaware Valley’s Jason Henderson and West Scranton’s Nick Forsette. Back, from left, Western Wayne’s Derek Mason and Jack McAllister, Valley View’s Cyler Rozina, Wallenpaupack’s Brandon King, Western Wayne’s Parker Howell, Scranton Prep’s Connor James, Valley View’s John Shnipes and Scranton’s Tylil White.



QB: Janaasah Boone | Valley View
RB: Josh Balcarcel | Delaware Valley
RB: Zane Janiszewski | Western Wayne
FB: Jason Henderson | Delaware Valley
WR: Carter Odell | Scranton Prep
WR: Nick Forsette | West Scranton
TE: Derek Mason | Western Wayne
T: John Shnipes | Valley View
T: Jack McAllister | Western Wayne
G: Cyler Rozina | Valley View
G: Connor James | Scranton Prep
G: Parker Howell | Western Wayne
C: Brandon King | Wallenpaupack
Athlete: Tylil White | Scranton
Kicker: Jake Shepherd | Western Wayne
DE: Mike Malone | Abington Heights
DE: Ronnie Overton | Scranton
DL: Jack McAllister | Western Wayne
DL: Shane Boone | Delaware Valley
LB: Tucker Johnson | Scranton Prep
LB: Zane Janiszewski | Western Wayne
LB: Jason Henderson | Delaware Valley
LB: Michael Pusateri | Abington Heights
DB: Tylil White | Scranton
DB: Matt Studsrud | Delaware Valley
DB: Jordan Conserette | Valley View
DB: Carter Odell | Scranton Prep
Athlete: Alex Savkov | Valley View
Punter: Luke Bancroft | Honesdale



Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division I-II Coaches’ All-Star Defensive Team include, front from left, Valley View’s Jordan Conserette, Abington Heights’ Mike Malone, Delaware Valley’s Shane Boone, Western Wayne’s Jack McAllister, Scranton’s Ronnie Overton and Tylil White, and Honesdale’s Luke Bancroft. Back, from left, Valley View’s Alex Savkov, Scranton Prep’s Carter Odell and Tucker Johnson, Delaware Valley’s Jason Henderson, Western Wayne’s Zane Janiszewski, Abington Heights’ Michael Pusateri and Delaware Valley’s Matt Studsrud.






QB: Cayden Merrifield | West Scranton
RB: Jacob Owens | North Pocono
RB: London Montgomery | Scranton Prep
FB: Tucker Johnson | Scranton Prep
WR: Corey Perkins | Abington Heights
WR: Robert Rossi | Scranton Prep
TE: Hunter Klein | Delaware Valley
T: Mike Gecik | Delaware Valley
T: Joey Cholish | Scranton Prep
G: Chris Kryeski | North Pocono
G: Logan Burns | Valley View
C: Bob Ferraro | Valley View
Athlete: Alex Savkov | Valley View
Kicker: Chase Stevens | Scranton Prep
DE: Robert VanBrunt | North Pocono
DE: Derek Mason | Western Wayne
DL: Joey Cholish | Scranton Prep
DL: Dustin Moss | North Pocono
DL: Cyler Rozina | Valley View
LB: Ryan Turlip | Valley View
LB: Ryan Bianco | West Scranton
LB: Vito Gianello | Scranton Prep
LB: Seamus Hailstone | Scranton
DB: Jack Roche | North Pocono
DB: TJ Schmalzle | Wallenpaupack
DB: Corey Perkins | Abington Heights
DB: Robby Horvath | Abington Heights
Athlete: Matt Horak | Wallenpaupack
Punter: Seamus Hailstone | Scranton