Holy Cross sophomore Kaci Kranson scored a career-high 31 points in a 74-39 win over Western Wayne, and added 28 in a 74-65 victory over Holy Redeemer, to go with a combined 15 rebounds, 12 steals and eight assists.

Other people around you can score, too. How much does that help? It definitely helps a lot. I know I can trust them. I know they know how to play basketball. It just really helps me.

Last year, the team had trouble putting four quarters together. What’s changed? I think we’ve been playing really well together, practicing really hard.


Age: 16

Family: Mother, Jill; father, Ryan; twin sister, Madison

Happy birthday to you and your sister (Dec. 15). As a December baby, what’s the best birthday/Christmas combo gift you’ve ever received? My mom got me a car, so that’s probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten. And my light-up basketball, so you can play at night and see where the ball goes.

Other sport you play: Softball

Favorite team: Golden State Warriors

Athletes you admire: I like Jennie Finch. I think she’s a great role model. I like Cole Anthony, too.

Superstitions and rituals before a game? I eat pasta the night before, I pray for five minutes before the game and I listen to music. Rap and pop. Like pump-up songs.

Most famous athlete you’ve met? Cole Anthony. I was at a basketball tournament and my coach, Phil Odom, came over and said Cole Anthony is over there watching his sister so we got our picture with him.

Give me a skill you would like to master. Probably to cook. I like cooking but I’m not good at it.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever made? Hmm. Well, I make Kraft mac and cheese, but I didn’t know you had to put the butter and the sauce and stuff at the end, so I put it in the beginning. It turned out bad.

Speaking of meals, name three people you’d like to have dinner with. Shawn Mendes, my great grandfather Saul Kranson and coach John Jezorwski.

Who’s your funniest teammate? Kate McGovern and Molly White. They’re both funny, but Kate’s really funny.

What’s the biggest thrill you’ve had in sports? Winning the Diocesan eighth-grade tournament with All Saints Academy. That was pretty fun.

Have you started thinking about what lies ahead for you after high school, both athletically and academically? I’ve been looking at a lot of schools like Villanova, Fordham.

Which do you think you will play, basketball or softball, because you’re pretty good at softball, too? I think basketball.

One meal your mom makes that you don’t know if you can live without. Pasta. Just the traditional pasta with marinara.