Welcoming a new cat can be an exciting time in your household. Between the affectionate purrs, playtimes and cuddles, a cat can add a lot of personality, fun and special memories to a family. Don’t be a scaredy-cat because with some preparation and patience, you and your new feline friend can set up a successful transition in no time.

Consider these tips for welcoming a new feline friend into your home. For more tips on raising a healthy and happy cat, visit TemptationsTreats.com and IAMS.com.


Create the purr-fect setup

Cat-proof your home before you bring back your new feline. In preparation, set up litter trays in a quiet area away from foot traffic and prepare secluded spaces where your cat can retreat. If you’re short on space, consider covering a cardboard box or pet cage with a blanket to make a hiding space for your cat. In a large home, introduce the cat to one or two rooms at a time. To keep him safe, put away any potentially poisonous plants and secure any accessible electrical cords.


Introduce new cats carefully

If you’re introducing your cat to other household felines, choose a separate room where the resident pet has spent time and prepare it with everything your new cat needs, including water, a litter tray and toys. Give treats in the prepared room and treat the resident cat on the other side of the closed door. It typically works best if there’s some space under the door so the cats can hear and sense each other’s presence. Introduce the pets slowly and keep a bag of their favorites treats, such as TEMPTATIONS™ Cat Treats, on hand. If neither cat appears nervous or afraid, switch roles and allow the new cat to roam the rest of the home while the resident cat is contained. Slowly introduce the cats with a barrier where they can see each other, such as a pet carrier or fence, and be patient until both cats seem comfortable together.


Schedule the day

Setting a schedule for meals and activities can help your new cat transition into the home. Try different activity feeders, such as balls, mazes and towers, to find the one that fits your cat’s skill level. Vary where you put the feeders and which one you fill up at each meal to make mealtime a scavenger hunt. Make playtime a regular part of everyday life to help make your cat’s new routine an enjoyable one. Try dangling toys to capture his attention and provide some safe toys to maintain entertainment, even when you’re not there.


Provide a healthy diet

A healthy diet can be an easy way to start your cat off on the right foot. Look for an option like IAMS™ cat food that offers quality nutrition and tailored formulas to fit cats’ life stages, lifestyles and unique dietary requirements. There is even a quick quiz to help you find the right food for your cat. Set your cat up for success and work with your vet to decide on a diet that provides balanced nutrition and brings out your cat’s unique best.