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In a few days, Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States. He will be the second president born in Pennsylvania and the first president to be born in Scranton. To mark this historic occasion, we decided to launch this season with a look back at the birthplaces of all the presidents who have served our nation.

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As promised here is the list of presidential birthplaces with links to learn more about these historic sites –

  • George Washington, born Feb. 22, 1732, on a tobacco farm, 1732 Popes Creek Road, Colonial Beach, Virginia. 
  • John Adams, born Oct. 30, 1735, at 133 Franklin St., Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • Thomas Jefferson, born April 13, 1743: Shadwell Plantation, Albemarle County, Virginia. The site is marked by a Virginia state historical marker. 
    • Charlottesville, situated near Jefferson’s Monticello plantation in Albemarle County, includes the major thoroughfare Jefferson Park Avenue. The town also is home to the University of Virginia, which has a statue of the president, its founder, and Jefferson Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage site that Jefferson designed.
  • James Madison, born March 16, 1751, at Belle Grove Plantation, Port Conway, Virginia.
    • Madison’s mother, Eleanor Rose “Nellie” Conway delivered her son at her childhood home, which today operates as a bed and breakfast and includes a room named for the Madisons. A state historical marker also identifies the site.
  • James Monroe, born April 28, 1758, in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • John Quincy Adams, born July 11, 1767, at 141 Franklin St., Quincy, Massachusetts. 
  • Andrew Jackson, born March 15, 1767, Waxhaws region of North and South Carolina.
    • Jackson’s birthplace remains disputed, but the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution group erected a monument marking his supposed birthplace in Union County in 1910. Jackson, aka “Old Hickory,” has family buried in Waxhaw Presbyterian Church’s cemetery in Lancaster County, South Carolina, which sits on Old Hickory Road.

Martin Van Buren, our 8th president, was born in Kninderhook, New York in 1782. He would later purchased Lindenwald, an estate with 137 acres that was a short distance from Knidnerhook, as home once his was finished being president. The home and surrounding farm would later become the Martin Van Buren Historical Site in 1974.

  • Martin Van Buren, born Dec. 5, 1782, in Kinderhook, New York. 
  • William Henry Harrison, born Feb. 9, 1773, at Berkeley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia
    • The home sits off 12602 Harrison Landing Road and near Harrison’s Point on the James River.
  • John Tyler, born March, 29, 1790, at Greenway Plantation near Charles City County Courthouse, Virginia. 
    • The birthplace, now a private home, sits on John Tyler Memorial Highway.
  • James K. Polk, born Nov., 2, 1795, in Pineville, North Carolina.
  • Zachary Taylor, born Nov. 24, 1784, at Montebello Plantation, Gordonsville, Virginia
    • The home, now a private residence, has a historical marker identifying the birthplace.
  • Millard Fillmore, born Jan. 7, 1800, Summerhill, New York. 
    • The site of the log cabin where he was born, now located on Fillmore Road, has a state historical marker. Fillmore Glen State Park, Fillmore Golf Club, Millard Fillmore Elementary School and a replica of the log cabin are nearby, in and around Moravia, New York.
  • Franklin Pierce,  born Nov. 23, 1804 in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. 
  • James Buchanan, born April 23, 1791 at Stony Batter near Cove Cap, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
    • At Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park, 2831 Stony Batter Road, Peters Twp., a pyramid marks the site of the log cabin where Buchanan was born. James Buchanan High School is a few miles away.

** FILE ** This Jan. 11, 2008 file photo shows replica of Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site in Hodgenville, Ky. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke, File)

  • Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 12, 1809, on Sinking Spring Farm, Hodgenville, LaRue County, Kentucky.
  • Andrew Johnson, born Dec. 29, 1808 in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    • The building where Johnson was born in a detached kitchen was identified in 1887 and preserved in 1904. It was moved several times but now rests in Mordecai Historic Park in Raleigh. A granite and bronze marker in the city also identifies his birthplace.
  • Ulysses S. Grant, born April 27, 1822, in Point Pleasant, Ohio.
    • U.S. Grant Park, 1551 Route 232, Point Pleasant, houses the small cottage where Grant was born along the Ohio River. The Grant Memorial Bridge, also in Point Pleasant, passes over Big Indian Creek, and the scenic Route 52 was named the Grant Memorial Highway. 
  • Rutherford B. Hayes, born Oct. 4, 1822, at 17 E. William St., Delaware, Ohio 
  • James Garfield, born Nov. 19, 1831, in Moreland Hills, Ohio
    • James A. Garfield Birth Site Park, 4350 Som Center Road, includes a replica of the cabin Garfield lived in and a statue of the young president. It’s an approximately 30-minute drive from James Garfield National Historic Site in Mentor, Ohio.

This is the historic birthplace of President Chester Arthur in Fairfield, Vt., Friday, Oct. 3, 1997. Arthur, the 21st president of the United States, was born in Vermont.

  • Chester A. Arthur, born Oct. 5, 1829, in Fairfield, Vermont. 
    • The state established President Chester Arthur Historic Site at 4588 Chester A. Arthur Road to commemorate the birthplace, but research later showed the location was wrong.  A reconstructed building on the property depicts one of his homes. The President Chester A. Arthur Nature Trail explores nearby woods.
  • Grover Cleveland, born March 18, 1837, in the pastor’s residence at First Presbyterian Church of Caldwell, New Jersey. 
  • Benjamin Harrison, born Aug. 20, 1833, on the farm started by his grandfather, President William Henry Harrison, in North Bend, Ohio. 
  • William McKinley, born Jan. 29, 1843, in Niles, Ohio. 
    • The National McKinley Birthplace Memorial, 40 N. Main St., rests on the site where McKinely attended school and includes a statue of him, a museum and an auditorium. A replica of McKinley’s house and a state historical marker stand down the road at 40 S. Main St.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, born Oct. 27, 1858, at 28 E. 20th St., New York City.
    • The home was torn down in 1916 but later reconstructed and turned into Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, part of the National Park Service. The greater New York City area includes several memorials to the president, including Theodore Roosevelt Park, a high school in the Bronx and Theodore Roosevelt U.S. Courthouse in Brooklyn. The American Museum of Natural History announced last summer it would remove its statue of Roosevelt because it “communicates a racial hierarchy that the Museum and members of the public have long found disturbing.”
  • William H. Taft, Sept. 15, 1857, at 2038 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Woodrow Wilson, born Dec. 28, 1856, in the pastor’s residence of First Presbyterian Church, 24 N. Coalter St., Staunton, Virginia.  
    • The home is part of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, and the Route 262 beltway is known as Woodrow Wilson Parkway. A complex in neighboring Fishersville includes schools, a road and a rehabilitation center named for Wilson.
  • Warren Harding, born Nov. 2, 1865, in Blooming Grove, Ohio. 

Sign marking that Plymouth Notch, Vermont as the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the United States. The sign is located on the second floor of Florence Cilley General Store in the village.

  • Calvin Coolidge, born July 4, 1872 in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. 
  • Herbert Hoover, born Aug. 10, 1874 in a cottage in West Branch, Iowa. 
    • The cottage and several other buildings, including Hoover’s presidential library and museum, are part of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Herbert Hoover Highway connects West Branch with neighboring towns, while the Hoover Nature Trail, a developing rail-trail in southeastern Iowa, has completed portions in West Branch and Oasis.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, born Jan. 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York
  • Harry S. Truman, born May 8, 1884, in Lamar, Missouri. 
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, born Oct. 14, 1890, in Denison, Texas. 
    • In 1946, the Denison community bought and preserved the home where Eisenhower was born, and it became a state historic park in 1958. The town’s Eisenhower Veterans Memorial in Denison also features a 21-foot tall-bust of the president and Army general. 
  • John F. Kennedy, born May 29, 1917, at 83 Beals St., Brookline, Massachusetts. 
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, born Aug. 27, 1908, in Stonewall, Texas. 
  • Richard M. Nixon, born Jan. 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California. 
  • Gerald Ford, born July 14, 1913, at 3202 Woolworth Ave., Omaha, Nebraska. 
    • Omaha businessman James Paxson helped turn the site of Ford’s home into the Ford Birthsite Gardens in 1974. The Nebraska State Historical Society built the Ford Conservation Center on an adjacent site.  Interstate 480 in Omaha also is known as the Gerald R. Ford Expressway.
  • James Carter, born Oct. 1, 1924, at Wise Sanitarium, Plains, Georgia. 

President Ronald Reagan’s birthplace, located in this building on Main Street, Tampico, Ill., is seen on January 21, 1984.


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As mentioned on the episode here are the links to The Washington Post videos dealing with presidential cocktails. If you are looking to celebrate this Inauguration Day you could try one or two of the POTUS drinks.