Today is March 15 – the Ides of March – the day that Julius Caesar was told to avoid but he didn’t listen.

Why is it called the Ides of March and not March 15. This article from published in the Times on March 15 , 1960 explains that with the Roman Calendar on nights when a full moon is in the sky that day is called Ides.

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Scranton Times – March 15, 1960

The moon is not full tonight. It is in the waxing crescent phase tonight. 

“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” – Matthew 22:21

For years in the United States your taxes were do on March 15. Following the passage of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, the first Tax Day in the United States was set as March 1, 1913. In 1918, a new revenue act changed it to March 15. It would stay on Ides of March till 1954 when it was changed to the current day – April 15.

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Scranton Times – March 15, 1957

Through not named for him, enjoying a Caesar Salad today would be great way to remember the Roman general and politician. Here is recipe from the files of the weekly feature Local Flavor Recipes We Love –

Kristy Mitchell’s Caesar Salad –