The first weekend in December 1969, rock n’ roll heavyweights – the Rolling Stones, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, the Flying Burrito Brother and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – arrived at a Altamont Raceway in Livermore, California to perform at free festival that was billed as “Woodstock West.”

Besides the music, the event is remembered today for the violence that took place during the festival.

During the Rolling Stones set, a 18 year old man named Meredith Hunter was stabbed by a member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang when he came towards the stage with a gun in his hand. In addition to Hunter, two people, Richard Salov and Mark Feiger, were run over by a car while they were lying on the ground, and another man fell into canal and drowned.

newspaper clipping

Article detailing the happenings at the Altamont Free Festival in California. The article appeared on page 1 of the Dec. 8, 1969 edition of the Scranton Times. Times-Tribune Archives

Images from the concert –

Rolling Stones interviewed on Nov. 26, 1969. Press conferences touches on several topics – Associated Press –

Video (no audio) of Altamont Free Concert (includes scene of when Meredith Hunter is attacked) – Associated Press –

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