“It’s just a cartoon! Leave the cartoons alone!”

That was my son’s reaction to a report that people are calling for the “euthanization” of Chase, the German shepherd police dog on the popular Nickelodeon series “Paw Patrol.” With demands for reforming, defunding and even dismantling police forces following the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody, the reach has stretched to entertainment.

The TV reality shows “COPS” and “Live PD” have disappeared from the airwaves. LEGO has discontinued marketing for its kits that feature police officer characters. While not police related, the Looney Tunes cartoon characters Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam have been stripped of their guns in the aftermath of Floyd’s death and the protests accompanied by violence and looting.

What kind of message are we sending to our children by eliminating law enforcement figures from entertainment? Why should a few bad apples speak for the good of the order? There are more good police officers out there than bad ones. “Paw Patrol” is far from violent. It might have some drama in it with the cases that the pups need to resolve — from water rescues and animals in trees to runaway trains and saving the day for events in town — but it’s all good. Gosh, I love Chase! Being a German shepherd “fur mom” for 11.5 years, he holds a soft spot in my heart.

So far, Chase remains a part of the “Paw Patrol” and episodes continue to appear on Nickelodeon channels. Walking past a toy featuring Chase and his vehicle in Walmart’s toy department over the weekend, I can only hope that he remains on patrol. If it doesn’t, then snap up his merch before it’s gone for good.