The video got me. Big time.

A friend shared a video on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, that was posted by 18-year-old Australian YouTuber Ky Baldwin last October. It features a song he performs called “Dear Mom.” It is told from the perspective of a young boy who takes his own life because of bullying.

The video starts with a boy staring hopelessly ahead in a school hall. Another boy shoves into him, knocking his books from his arms. A girl with her friends turns to help, despite the other girls’ insistence to leave the affected youngster alone.

She helps him. She becomes his friend, all the way through high school. They hang out, they ride bikes, they go to prom. Then the scene becomes a church sanctuary, where the young man now stands waiting to see this bride who has been his rock all these years.

But wait. The picture changes. It’s that same little girl — who apparently did not step in to help the young boy — and she’s watching as his casket leaves the sanctuary.

The tears welled up without warning in my eyes. So sad. This happens. Every day. Some poor child — some younger than the teenage years — find bullying and low self-esteem relentless enough that they find that ending their own lives is the only way out.

I think of my own children. I tell them often and much to be themselves, to stand up for others and to stand up against bullying. I remind them constantly that I am always here for them. They can talk to me, no matter what, day or night. I will listen and I want to help them. I have their backs.

Is that enough? I hope it is. No parent, child or family should have to endure the effects of bullying — especially when these effects snuff out these young bright lights in this world way too soon.