Calling all ladies of the ’80s. American Girl has the doll for you!

The company, which touts 18-inch dolls representing an array of eras and personalities, introduced its latest addition to its historical characters collection on Sept. 15, 2020. Hailing from 1986, AG give us Courtney Moore.

Sporting spiral curls in her sandy-blonde hair, Courtney dons hot pink tights and white faux leather boots to go with an acid-washed denim skirt, purple top and turquoise crop top. An array of ’80s-era accessories, from a Walkman to a Pac-Man arcade video game (that actually works!) and rainbow sheets to go with her bunk bed, can be purchased separately to help re-create Courtney’s world.

Like all historical characters featured in AG’s collection, Courtney has a story. According to a news release from AG, Courtney loves playing video games, going to the mall and lives in the fictional town of Orange Valley, California, with a blended family. At the mall, she fancies a liking for the arcade, where she holds one of the top scores in none other than Pac-Man! She aspires to create her own video games, with more girls features as the heroes, and looks up to her mother who is running for her town’s mayoral position.

While my daughter’s days of playing with her AG doll collection have passed, she said that Courtney is cute. I agree. Seeing her, and her accessories, bring back lots of good memories come from my 1980s — the music, the styles, the hair (yes, it was slightly big. Ha!), the TV shows, and so on. I’ll admit I’d love to have a Courtney doll for myself! 🙂

On the other hand, Courtney’s 1986 status joins the “historical collection.” Ladies of the ’80s, are we that old?

Then again, ’80s music has seemed to join the realms of classic rock and Saturday night oldies-style radio shows. In some circles, music of the ’90s have also hit the replay shows. I guess it’s only a matter of time until AG introduces a girl from the 1990s!

Courtney is available for online purchase at She hits American Girl retail locations nationwide on Friday, Sept. 25.