John Krasinki made one of my favorite films of the 2010s with 2018’s “A Quiet Place.” It’s use of sound (or lack thereof) was an incredible accomplishment that I think back on positively and often. It has one of the most unique scripts you’ll ever read — almost completely void of dialogue — and it got people excited for a second installment. The people would get their wish in 2020 … or so they thought. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the masses had to wait for “A Quiet Place Part II” until 2021. I’m happy to report that is was well worth the wait.

Certainly “A Quiet Place Part II” would’ve been an exemplary film had it been bought out by HBO and put on a streaming service, but the film’s full impact likely would’ve been lost had we not been given the opportunity to watch it on the big screen. You see, “Part II” didn’t just have to live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor in the filmmaking department; it also had the difficult task of energizing the theater-going experience of 2021.

On both pressurized counts, it succeeded. By going to see “A Quiet Place Part II,” I not only got to see a fine film with edge-of-your-seat tension and great performances, but I also got to see a crowded theater and a true cinematic experience. After hearing for the past year about how movie theaters were going extinct and how the movie business was dying a swift death, I was made hopeful by the sight of people wanting to be in a dark room with a big screen again. It warmed my heart.

Special props need to be extended to the husband and wife duo of Krasinski and star Emily Blunt. Both are borderline underappreciated talents. After originally not being enthused to revisit the quiet place, Krasinski and Blunt eventually signed on and again delivered some of their best work, behind — in the case of Krasinski — and before the camera. They’re joined in the cast by Cillian Murphy, a welcome addition to the world’s universe, and the young actor combo of Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. Everyone involved is locked in, and you can tell this is well-nurtured material.

The original “A Quiet Place” is basically required viewing to get what happens in “Part II.” Both films are scary enough to thrill but grounded enough to bring in a wider audience. If I were a movie reviewer with any competence, I’d give “A Quiet Place Part II” a glowing recommendation and the status of being the first movie released in a while to demand the theater experience. It’s about time.