What: While Williams survived her neck injury, it left her unable to work, and the way it healed negatively affected her motor functions, resulting in symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s disease. The loss of her daughter, Megan Ruddy, this February only added to the declining health she’d experienced for years. Nevertheless, Ruddy said, his mother’s death at 64 in September still was “sudden and unexpected, and the exact cause is still being investigated.”

Williams, who lived in Dickson City during her final year, also left behind several siblings, Joe Williams and wife, Kathy; Kathleen Williams-Angerson; and Deborah Donofrio and husband, Vincent, along with nieces and nephews. Her death left her friends and family shaken and feeling as if they’re missing part of themselves, but they continue to try to celebrate her life. Ruddy has found support in his uncle Joe Williams and his family, who were close to his mother, and in Kim Williams’ best friend, Freda Thompson.

The late Kimberly Williams

Why: Williams did not have any preparations in place after her death, and with her son, who also served as her caretaker, out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic, he is in need of financial support to cover her funeral expenses. Any surplus money raised will go to support her family at this tough time.

How: People can donate through the GoFundMe page, “Kim Williams Memorial,” or mail donation to Ruddy at 375 Main St., Apt. 302, Dickson City, PA 18519.

In his own words: “I understand times are rough for everyone right now, and I understand completely if you aren’t able to help at this time. For those who are, we can’t thank you enough. These donations won’t bring her back, but they help so much in being able to let us continue on without her, and will allow us to let her rest in peace. These donations will also provide her family more comfort and financial security in surviving and moving forward without her during this ongoing pandemic.” — Ryan Ruddy, son