While I am partial to fall, the spring and summer have tons of things that make me happy. There’s (seemingly) endless daylight, margaritas to be enjoyed on a deck and the opening of ice cream shops across the region.

This warmer weather also has me ready for some new beauty.

I scoured social media along with the rest of the interwebs to track down some of spring’s biggest beauty trends in makeup and skin care to compile here for you. Grab a cocktail or a caramel sundae and let’s get started.

Stained lips

As the weather warms up, soft, stained color on lips is an easy way to add some color. It’s also foolproof since it doesn’t require preciseness and harsh edges.
MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss lipstick or Benefit Cosmetics Benetint will produce that “just bitten” look but you also can DIY it. Apply lip liner or liquid lipstick to the center of your lips and work outward with your finger or a lip brush for the same muted finish.
It should almost give the illusion you just had a popsicle — the softer the lines, the better.

Facial tools

Facial tools such as rollers or gua shas (in healing stones such as jade or rose quartz) are noninvasive ways to achieve glowing skin. Running these tools over the face alleviates tension in facial muscles, supports collagen production, takes down puffiness and swelling, and aids in absorption of serums and creams that follow. They also make for a perfect “#selfcaresunday” photo on Instagram.

Vibrant eyes

The ‘80s called and they want you to rock their signature neons.
Bright, colorblock shades on eyes dominated the spring 2019 Fashion Week runways and have been seen all over the red carpets this past award season.
Brands also offered an array of technicolor goodies this spring including Colourpop Cosmetic’s Just My Luck palette in a sea of greens; Anastasia Beverly Hills Riveria palette that holds jewel tones and neon pink and purple pressed pigments; or Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood palette and its icy color story.
Play with textures and hues and apply one color family all over your lid, go edgy with color graphic liner or let your imagination run wild with a mix rainbow of shades.

Supernatural nude

We love fresh, glowing skin, and from Instagram influencers to celebrities, a “you but better” look is everywhere.
Take a page from celebrity makeup artist Sir John and apply foundation or CC cream with a beauty sponge while moisturizer is still wet. This helps the product melt into skin for a seamless, natural-looking blend.
Then, embrace your natural features with a little brow pomade to enhance texture and use a just-redder-than-your-skin cream blush on cheeks and lips. Top with a subtle cream highlight in your skin tone for extra glow.

CBD and hemp seed oil skin care

Cannabidiol or CBD and hemp seed oil have buzz words over the past few years. Now, they’re cropping up in skin care from industry veterans such as Kiehl’s or newer cool-kid brand Herbivore Botanicals.
Let’s start here: Neither hemp seed oil nor CBD will get you high. CBD, a chemical compound found in cannabis sativa plant, is nonpsychoactive. Hemp seed oil also comes from a variety of the plant and, once processed, does not contain any psychoactive compounds.
CBD soothes irritation and dryness in skin, while hemp seed oil is known to help with dry skin, reduce inflammation and alleviate skin issues including eczema.

Dip powder nails

Dip powder nails are the ultimate update on your spring manicure. After some prep, each nail is dipped into finely milled color powder, the excess is brushed off, the nail is topped with clear coat, and the process is repeated until the nail is fully coated. Dip powder lasts longer, dries immediately, requires no UV or LED light, and typically includes added nail care benefits, such as vitamins and collagen.


Remember all the matchy-matchiness of the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet? This monochromatic makeup look is as visually satisfying as it is bold.
Use the same color family on your lips, eyes, cheeks and maybe even nails. Mix it up with different textures, like glitter lids and matte lips or opt for a three-in-one product to give the same shade everywhere.
The best part is matching your makeup cuts getting ready time in half and you don’t have to plan out a whole look. Just pick your shade and go.


Synonymous with winning, wealth and deities, this season is the time to be a golden goddess.
Gold lids dominated spring runways but adding a touch of gold to your makeup look will amp it up.
You can rock glitter or metallic or on eyes, lips or as highlight, and it can give off vibes anywhere from ethereal princess to disco queen.