In response to the coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions on businesses, a local photographer has reached out to the public with tips for taking their own Mother’s Day photos.

Eugenia DePietro of Eugenia Photography, 700 S Blakely St., Dunmore, shared the info on the studio’s Facebook page Thursday, offering tips on where to shoot a photo, how to light a scene, how to edit the images and more.

“Mother’s Day photos are treasured here in Northeast PA and now is the time they are usually being taken. Due to the current national crisis that closed nonessential businesses, which includes photo studios, this year is very different,” she wrote. “With Easter approaching, I thought it would be good time to share some tips to help you get quality photos at home. I know we will be spending Easter inside with the quarantine; but this doesn’t mean we can’t get dressed and ready while we celebrate the day with our families. These tips can help whether you are versed in using a camera or cell phone. It’s probably more realistic to assume phones will be used for majority of us at home.”

The Times-Tribune will publish its 2020 Mother’s Day special edition on Sunday, May 10, and has extended both of its deadlines for submitting photos because of the coronavirus pandemic. Moms who send in their photos by April 15 will be eligible to win a day of pampering. All submissions must be in by May 1.

DePietro told those taking their photos at home this year to “make it fun.”

“Tell the kids to look at mom and make a silly face — capture the laughter when they do,” she wrote. “And don’t be afraid to be a total fool taking the photo to get little ones to smile! Don’t be above a little bribery — and they will definitely have candy in their Easter baskets so use it to your advantage!!”

DePietro encouraged the public to share their shots with the studio when done.

“Dads, make it a point to do this for your wife or significant other,” she added. “It will mean so much to them to have the memories and be able to show off their photos.”

Eugenia Photography of Dunmore offered tips for taking your own Mother’s Day photos at home on its Facebook page.


Submit your photo

To submit Mother’s Day photos to The Times-Tribune, visit; mail photos to Mother’s Day, The Times-Tribune, 149 Penn Ave., Scranton, PA 18503; or drop them off at The Scranton Times Building, 149 Penn Ave. (there is a mail slot in the vestibule where submissions can be left).

For more information, email or call 570-348-9127.