Old Forge might be known for its namesake pizza, but it’s also been home to a popular Irish pub for nearly two decades.

Dooley’s Pub & Eatery, 120 Oak St., opened Sept. 21, 2001, and serves popular pub fare. Chef’s Table recently chatted with Sharon Matylewicz, who owns the eatery with her husband, Mark, and friend, Chris Coyne.

Q: What is the history of the restaurant?

A: Mark, Chris and I decided to buy a bar in Old Forge. We wanted it to be different from the other restaurants in the area, so we came up with the name Dooley’s. People said, “An Irish pub in Old Forge? It will never work.” Well, we did it, and we got the name Dooley’s. Our tagline is, “The Only Irish Pub in Old Forge.” It has been family-run for the past 19 years. Our daughters worked at the restaurant, as (did) Chris’s sister. We have been blessed throughout the years with our employees. They have become part of our Dooley’s extended family.

Q: What type of food and drinks do you serve?

A: Our biggest sellers on the menu would be our burgers, wings, quesadillas, salads and steaks. We have eight beers on tap and all the newest bottled beers as well as White Claw, High Noon and Corona Seltzer. The Dooley’s Hush Puppies can only be found at Dooley’s, but I think we also are known for our signature wing sauce.

Q: How did your menu come to be?

A: We renew our menu every one to two years. We keep our staple items like wings, burgers and steaks but try to add new items. There are a lot Italian restaurants in Old Forge, so we tried to stay away from pasta and pizza.

Q: How would you describe the restaurant’s atmosphere?

A. Dooley’s is a friendly, clean place to enjoy great food, great drinks and great friends. We have the best staff and best customers.

Q: What type of seating do you have?

A: We have bar seating, booths, tables and three decks, which has helped with the outdoor seating restrictions. We also have an upstairs where we accommodate private parties and provide catering.

Q: What kinds of promotions do you offer?

A: We offer a wing special on Tuesday and a steak special on Thursday as well as weekend specials.

Q: Do you offer delivery, takeout and/or curbside pickup?

A: We do not have delivery, but we do offer takeout and pickup.

Q: Where do you see the restaurant headed in the future?

A: We hope that our business continues to thrive even though we are in a pandemic. We are very fortunate to have the support of our staff as well as our customers. We hope to keep changing with the times so we can provide a clean atmosphere, great food and drinks.