The beauty and grooming industry, especially local businesses, will most likely take a hit due to social distancing from coronavirus.

Though the majority of these businesses are subject to strict state-wide health and hygiene protocols all the time, if people are staying home, salons, spas, nail studios and barber shops will see the effects. That’s not to mention the stylists, colorists, nail artists, massage therapists, barbers, estheticians, makeup artists and more who rely on providing these hands-on services to pay their bills. (I’m not even going to get into the health insurance conversation.)

If you’re feeling sick, you obviously should not go anywhere, but let’s go through a little etiquette.

If you ever have to cancel a service, call and give the shop at least 24 hours notice. DO NOT “NO CALL, NO SHOW.” That’s super inconsiderate and also adds insult to injury to the human being who relies on your appointment to pay their bills.

Due to the statewide shutdown Gov. Tom Wolf issued Monday, these businesses may be forced to close, however.

The best thing you can do right now is buy a gift certificate for the same price as your normal service. This way, the business gets the money right away and you can use it toward your next appointment.

If you want to support your stylist, artist or barber, most of them probably have Venmo, PayPal or CashApp. If your appointment was canceled or you had to cancel, send them the money you would normally tip them for their services. Times are going to be tough for them in the next coming weeks.

This goes for all local businesses, as well. Support them because the only way we get through something like this is to be there for each other.

All hands on deck, figuratively. Please stay safe and be kind.