No industry is immune to the fears of coronavirus, not even beauty.

Luxury beauty companies have seen a decrease in sales due to declined foot traffic within their physical storefronts and due to travel restrictions. Also, tons of beauty companies rely on production sites in China for manufacturing, and with the temporary paralysis of the Chinese economy, world supply chains are affected.

Then, I got this email below from Sephora Americas CEO Jean-André Rougeot yesterday stating that all high-touch areas will be disinfected with hospital-grade cleaner. They’ll also increase availability of hand sanitizers in-store, clean display testers and replace them as needed, increase weekly deep cleanings and ensure employee wellness by providing sick pay.

They also will be suspending all free and paid in-store services, makeup and skin care applications and classes.

As for Ulta, they are increasing sanitation measures, especially in high-traffic areas and product testers, according to a statement from its CEO Mary Dillon, here.

It makes a ton of sense because beauty stores can be germy. Both companies also stated several times this commitment to cleanliness has always been the case but it’s a nice reassurance they’re ramping up their efforts.

Glossier also will be closing its stores for “at least two weeks” beginning March 13, CEO Emily Weiss wrote on Instagram.

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It’s easy to feel helpless during times of uncertainty or anxiety. I’ve felt that way lately, as I’m sure you all have, as our world enters unprecedented territory with the spread of COVID-19. And as a business leader and CEO I’ve been asking myself how Glossier can continue to bring joy to our community, especially during these darker moments, while respecting calls for social distancing and helping promote public safety. With that in mind, we’ve made the decision to close all of our temporary and permanent retail locations for at least two weeks starting tomorrow, Friday, March 13th. It wasn’t an easy choice, but I know it’s the right one and I wrote some thoughts about it on our company blog (link in bio) if you want to read more. It’s time to connect with us and with each other online—through Instagram,, or an interaction with our gTEAM. See you there! ✨❤️

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For you in your daily life, please just practice common sense. Wash your hands before you cleanse or apply skin care products. For jar products, use a little spatula (some creams come with them or you can buy them here) so you’re not dipping your dirty fingers into your creams.

Don’t share products with friends. If you do for whatever reason, keep rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spritz down your products after sharing. (Even powders! Alcohol mist won’t ruin them.)

Clean your brushes and ESPECIALLY your Beautyblenders or similar sponges because those are GERM FARMS. (I love Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser for cleaning.)

I’ve been obsessively washing my hands and my little paws are very dry. I wrote this little guide to hand care here but I’ve been keeping Herbivore Emerald Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil at my desk. I am applying it to my hands mixed WITH hand cream. It absorbs fast and will give your hands some extra love.

You also can do these things when there’s not a viral crisis just to stay as healthy as possible.

Stay home if you’re sick and limit your traveling. Stay safe and stay healthy.