Lizzy Polishan finds beauty in every part of her world and sought to write it all down to inspire others.

The Clarks Summit resident’s first book, “A Little Book of Blooms,” which was published last month, features poems and illustrations Polishan wrote about creation — from visual art to gardening to motherhood. She draws most of her inspiration to create from her own mother, Lisa Kiernan, and dedicated the book to her.

“She is an artist as well. She’s super creative and loves gardening,” said Polishan, who also has three brothers and a sister. “It’s so cool and wonderful that she instilled that in me at such a young age and gave me the room to be able to be creative and play and laugh. She’s the reason that I (make) so much art, so there was no better way to honor her than (for her) to be at the center of my first book.”

Polishan, 25, has been writing, drawing and creating since she was a little girl. She would write short stories and poetry, which turned into more advanced works as she grew older. Polishan’s work was published in magazines when she was in college, and she also has dozens of novels at all different stages of completion.

“It feels so good to have something out and ready,” she said. “It feels scary, sharing yourself and your work in such a public way. It makes you feel so vulnerable, but it’s the best feeling when your words or art can connect with someone and make them feel something.”

The book is about the relationship between creators and their creations, including the ultimate creators: mothers. Polishan said Kiernan was touched by the dedication and the book itself, and she cried when she read it. Polishan hopes her book speaks to all artists, writers and others who create.

“I want people to realize the world is so magical,” Polishan said. “You have all of the power you need in yourself if you can create. You can create the magic.”