Anyone looking for information about Nicholson could now find it all in one website.

Josh Stull, a former Nicholson resident who now lives and works in Virginia, has created as a “single portal of information on the Internet for those living in and outside of Nicholson.”

The website was needed for Nicholson, according to Stull, who noted that the local business association and borough government previously had a website which is no longer available.

Stull also runs the Nicholson Heritage Association’s website,, which he believes is the only other website related to Nicholson on the Internet right now.

“It is my belief that this website is needed for residents to provide as much information as possible about local government and businesses, and to provide information to visitors on what Nicholson has to offer when it comes to businesses as well as local attractions,” Stull said. “Nicholson has many historical transportation related landmarks.”

On the website, visitors could find addresses, contact information and links for Nicholson businesses, many of which are connected to Google Maps.

Stull has incorporated information about Nicholson’s history onto the website, as well as information about features such as the Nicholson Bridge/Tunkhannock Viaduct. Visitors could also find a self-guided walking tour map, which Stull previously put together for the Nicholson Heritage Association.

The website also features sections detailing Nicholson’s vision, available real estate and stories related to Nicholson from news organizations.

The home page on shows an aerial view of Nicholson, as well as tabs that lead to more information about the town.

In the future, Stull hopes to upload Nicholson Borough Council minutes for people unable to attend the monthly meetings.

It took him a few weeks to put the website together, which involved uploading photos, inputting information and soliciting feedback from locals.

The website is free through Google Sites, and Stull personally covers the cost of the domain name.

Stull has been looking into adding a contact page on the website so people could make suggestions for submissions. For now, anyone could email him with feedback or suggestions at

To Stull, modern technology and communications have dramatically changed how people receive information in the 21st century.

“Having a web presence is crucial for our residents so they have the information they need to be responsible citizens, but also to tell our story to others to encourage them to visit,” he said.

Additionally, since he believes the tourism industry has a lot of promise in Nicholson, he hopes the website could expose Nicholson’s offerings to people outside of the area.

“Tourism, specifically heritage tourism, is the future for Nicholson, especially when connected to Steamtown, the Viaduct Valley Way Scenic Byway, Starrucca Viaduct, Martins Creek Viaduct (Kingsley Bridge), and Honesdale, the Birthplace of America’s Railroad,” he said. “My hope is that this website is a gateway to Nicholson for the rest of the world.”

Dawn Bell, president of Nicholson Borough Council, believes having a website for Nicholson could benefit people living in the area.

“If it’s run the way it should be, I think it will be a good thing,” Bell said.