A popular attraction on Keyser Avenue featuring yard flamingos was the victim of a theft today, according to the Flamingos on Keyser Facebook page.

Owner Austin Hurley dresses the flock of pink plastic flamingos on his lawn at 100 S. Keyser Ave., Taylor, for major holidays, and had set up kegs with the birds as part of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day decor.

Security camera footage shared on the Facebook page shows a man taking the kegs and some of the flamingos and leaving in a blue SUV.

“The Flock needs help identifying the St. Patrick’s Day Bandit seen here in the attached videos and screenshots stealing the Flock’s booze,” a post on the Facebook page explains. “More importantly, of the 3 flamingos attached to the top of the 2 kegs, only one managed to jump off near the driveway, the other two have been flocknapped. It happened around 11:40am this morning, the escape vehicle appears to be a blue mid sized suv, any help is appreciated.”