Local kickball enthusiasts are invited to assemble teams to play in the inaugural Don’t Stop Ballieving Kickball Tournament Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Clarks Summit United Methodist Church, 1310 Morgan Highway. Organizers plan to make the tournament an annual event.

Teams can consist of 8 to 10 players. Players must be 8 to 15 years old with only three players between the ages of 13 and 15 and three between 10 and 12 years old per team. The event is coed and the cost is $100 per team. Players must sign a waiver prior to playing. The first place team receives a trophy.

“We decided to have a kickball tournament because we thought it was a creative way to bring the community and church together as well as help raise money for church needs,” said event organizer, Fred Hawkins. “Candace McColligan and I came up with the idea and are organizing the tournament along with our church family in hopes of creating a fun and successful fundraising event.”

Food and drinks will be available for purchase from the church.

“We believe this event is important to not only raise money for needs of the church, but to grow as a church family,” said Hawkins. “It is to gather as a community and to promote some friendly competition, too. Come one and come all. … Who will claim the first annual kickball tournament bragging rights?”

Money raised will be used for church projects and needs.

For more information, call Fred Hawkins at 570-862-0755 or Candace McColligan at 570-351-2883.



  • Double elimination.
  • Baseball rules with some modifications.
  • Five innings or 60 minutes (whatever comes first) in a complete game.
  • Extra innings played if game is tied or at the end of five innings must establish a winner.
  • Home team is determined by coin flip.
  • All players play the field every inning.
  • Continuous kicking order, all kick (must be established order prior to start of game).
  • Kicking out of order is an out.
  • No walks.
  • Three strikes (attempt to kick and miss) is an out.
  • Outs recorded by force, tag or hit by ball.
  • No head shots; if runner is hit in the head, runner is safe and is granted an additional base.
  • Umpire makes the call and has final say; no arguing.