White House Steak and Deli has served South Scranton for decades.

The sandwich shop on 312 E. Elm St. originated as a grocery store in 1930 before opening as White House Steak and Deli in 1972. Current owner Wyatt Shafer bought the eatery in 2006 and added a variety of sandwiches and pizza to the menu but kept the popular Steak and Cheese Hoagie for which it’s known.

Chef’s Table recently chatted with Shafer’s daughter, Shannon Suppy, who helps run the business.

Q: What kind of food do you serve?

A: We serve Steak and Cheese as well as all of your favorite American-style hoagies, such as a homemade hot sausage, homemade meatballs, homemade deli salads, homemade soups, pizza and Reubens, and wraps that come with fresh-cut french fries with sea salt.

Q: What are your most-ordered menu items and why?

A: Our “meal deal” is the most-ordered because it’s a great price. It comes with a hoagie, fresh-cut fries with sea salt and a beverage. We also offer a soup and 6-inch hoagie meal deal.

Q: How did your menu come to be?

A: Our menu has been mostly the same since 1972. Wyatt Shafer added Reubens, open-face sandwiches and pizza to the menu.

Q: How would you describe the restaurant’s atmosphere?

A: Friendly and comfortable.

Q: What kinds of promotions do you offer?

A: Meal deals come with a 12-inch hoagie with a homemade salad or fries and drink. Those meal deals are $9.49 plus tax, and we offer kids’ meal deals, which are $5.50 plus tax. Choices for the kids’ meal deal are chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hot dog or PB&J, and they come with fries and a juice box.

Q: Do you offer catering, event space, etc.?

A: Our food truck is always available for any off-premises catering or events. To reserve the food truck, call the White House Steak and Deli and ask for Shannon Suppy. We also offer fresh-made deli platters available for pickup for any of your catering events. The party platters offer a variety of choices including Italian, turkey and cheese, and ham and cheese, and customers like to order our wraps as a party platter as well.

Q: Do you offer delivery, takeout and/or curbside pickup?

A: Takeout and curbside pickup following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regulations.

Q: Where do you see the restaurant headed in the future?

A: We’re going to move forward as a small, strong business.