Amori Sushi debuted in August 2019 when owners Achmad Shobari and Heru Prayitno wanted to open a business of their own.

This summer, the eatery on the second floor of the Marketplace at Steamtown, 300 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, moved to a larger location in the food court. Amori serves a variety of specialty rolls, hibachi, nigiri and sashimi. It also provides party platters.

Chef’s Table recently chatted with Shobari about Amori’s success.

Q: What is the history of the restaurant?

A: At first, we were just employees. I was a sushi chef, and my partner was a hibachi chef. We both had the idea to start a small business. After two years, we were confident enough to become independent and left our original jobs. Thanks for the support and motivation from our previous employer and customers.


Q: Describe the food that you serve and what is available for people with special diets?

A: We serve all kinds of sushi and hibachi. We offer several options for vegetarians.

Q: What are your most-ordered menu items and why?

A: One of our most popular menu items is the Amori Roll. It’s special since it’s our own roll. People say they like it because of how fresh the fish is. Another popular item is the Chicken Hibachi. It’s famous for the teriyaki sauce and yum yum sauce.

Q: How did your menu come to be?

A: Our chef had creative ideas to make up his own specialty rolls. Some of our specialty rolls may seem similar to others, but they are unique in their own way.

Q: How would you describe the restaurant’s atmosphere?

A: We like to make our customers feel like they’re at home. Our staff is sure to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Q: What type of seating do you offer?

A: Since we are located in the food court, customers are welcome to sit wherever they’d like to.

Q: Do you offer catering, event space, etc.?

A: Yes, we offer party platters which can include eight to 10 rolls, and we also offer platters for hibachi.

Q: Are you currently offering delivery, takeout or curbside pickup?

A: We offer takeout and pickup.

Q: Where do you see the restaurant headed in the future?

A: Our goal is to have our own restaurant building.