The Citizens’ Voice reporter James Halpin is out with his latest book, this one a novel — a murder mystery based in Luzerne County.

An electronic copy of the book is available for free today on After today, the e-book price goes back to 99 cents. The print edition is $9.99.

The book, All The Dying Children, references real locations and institutions of Northeast Pennsylvania, but the characters are made up and the plot is entirely fiction.

Halpin said the book focuses on a suicide cluster occurring in Luzerne County and a local newspaper reporter’s effort to find out what is leading to the deaths and try to stop them.

The book is advertised as a “thrilling, suspenseful, fast-paced murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Halpin, 40, lives in Fairview Twp. with his wife and two sons.

He previously published two children’s’ books, “Big Butt Dinkleface” and “Teeny Eni vs. the Great Holdini.”

All the Dying Children can be found at